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PREVIEW – Biden Blunders


Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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EXCERPT:  After 20 years, American soldiers are leaving Afghanistan. But was it the right decision, and did we do it properly?

Administration Blunders on Southern Border and Withdrawal from Afghanistan – Ken’s Thought of the Week

In his effort to revoke President Trump’s policies which were designed to protect America from foreign and domestic enemies, President Biden allowed more than one million illegal migrants to walk into the U.S. through its southern border in 2021. He also pledged to accelerate the removal of the American troops from Afghanistan by September 11, but suddenly ordered a complete withdrawal by August 31.

The decision to withdraw from Afghanistan did not create a public outcry. Indeed, President Trump had previously spoken out against fighting ‘endless wars’, as the 20 -year war in Afghanistan demonstrated. Incredibly, the Biden administration overlooked the importance of maintaining a permanent presence at Bagram Air Base to assist the Afghan government fight against the Taliban, as well as keeping a counter-terror force there, to prevent the rise of international Islamic terrorist organizations there, such as al-Qaeda.

It seems that voter polls showing widespread disinterest in Afghanistan had influenced his decision. The public’s lack of interest could be attributed to the fact that for the past 12 years, no President has explained why we stayed in Afghanistan and why fighting Islamist groups, such as the Taliban, is crucial to American national security.

President Biden’s stated and implicit reasons to leave are:

1) There is no political gain in fighting endless wars.

2) There was no public or political pressure to stay.

3) There is little public understanding of the threat posed by the Islamists bent on physical Jihad and Sharia.4) Incredibly, the Biden administration overlooked the importance of maintaining a permanent presence at Bagram Air Base to assist the Afghan government fight against the Taliban, as well as keeping a counter-terror force there.

5) Biden Administration officials probably thought the withdrawal from Afghanistan would help pacify Iran during the U.S. efforts to renew nuclear weapons negotiations.

We at Save The West have identified four reasons to explain why the U.S. should have stayed:

1) Domestic politics is so inwardly focused that the public sees nothing wrong in allowing the Taliban Islamists to take over the country and deny the human rights of 40 million Afghanis. But we do.

2) Americans have little appreciation of the fact that we are opening Afghanistan to all of America’s enemies or frenemies: Pakistan, Iran, China, and Russia. But we do.

3) Our failing public schools, universities, and mass media do not think it is important to alert Americans to the mortal danger of Islamist terrorism against the U.S. and the need to stop Afghanistan from becoming, again, a major hub for Islamist physical or cultural terrorists. But we do.

4) Our precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan will encourage Islamists throughout the world to invade the U.S through the now-open southern border.

The net result is that our troops’ hurried withdrawal from Afghanistan will embolden America’s Islamist and other enemies everywhere, while terrifying our allies. The U.S. Constitution dictates that the President is responsible for protecting our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. But Biden’s reckless decision will make the U.S. and the world a much more dangerous place.

So, what must we do to protect ourselves from the aftermath of these two debacles?

1) The federal government should immediately close our Southern border to the illegal invasion of 200,000 unvetted migrants per month.

2) It should also forbid legal migration from radical Islamist countries such as Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, and the ‘Palestinian’ territories.

3) Each state should include the historical and current facts of Islamic oppression in its schools’ curriculum, and review the schoolbooks used for this purpose.

4) States should monitor all public and private schools to ensure that civic teaching includes loyalty to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The states should review the material used for such courses and report to the public twice per school year.5) The States should dismiss teachers and administrators who refuse to comply with the new pro-Constitution, pro-America curriculum.

Since the Biden administration which supports the Marxist Critical Race Theory, and now justifies the illegal migration on racial grounds, State Governors must protect their young citizens by reviewing all school books and insisting on strengthening civic lessons to include the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and other time-honored values of the American democratic Republic. We have no time to lose.