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STW Founder Ken Abramowitz on i24 Israeli News re Iran, North Korea threats to America



SaveTheWest.com founder and president Ken Abramowitz appeared on Israel’s i24 News channel on September 8, 2017.  They discussed:

  • The threats facing America from Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile programs
  • These two rogue nations’ collaboration on these programs
  • The urgent need to address these existential threats to America and our allies


Even during the negotiations over the misrepresented Iran “deal,” North Korea was transferring vital weapons technologies to Iran:

North Korea Transfers Missile Goods to Iran During Nuclear Talks; Intelligence suppressed by Obama administration, by Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon, April 15, 2015.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, right, welcomes North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong, for a meeting in Tehran, Iran, Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi)





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