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PREVIEW: Dismiss Biden’s National Security Team NOW!


Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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President Biden and his Administration have caused tremendous damage to America’s credibility and influence in the world. Can he keep America safe?

Quote of the Week:

President Biden and his National Security Team’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal is the biggest fiasco in American history.

On October 7, 2001, in response to al-Qaeda’s 9/11/2001 attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, U.S. and allied forces invaded Afghanistan, deposed the radical Islamist Taliban regime that hosted the terrorists, and destroyed al-Qaeda’s terrorist training camps.

In August 2021, President Biden recklessly ordered U.S. forces to withdraw from Afghanistan, abandoning more than 15,000 Americans, thousands of allied forces, some 100,000 Afghans who helped the U.S., and about 20 million Afghan women and girls to the mercy of the barbaric Taliban.

Here are some of the Biden Administration’s major missteps that have led to this catastrophic situation:

1)  The Administration does not understand or is unwilling to acknowledge the barbaric Taliban and radical Islam, and their imposition of the most brutal version of Sharia (Islamic law), which rules every aspect of life in the form of physical and cultural terror.

2) Biden and his Administration do not understand and deliberately ignore the Taliban’s radical Islamist ideology and their inter-relationship with neighboring Islamists: Iran, Qatar, Pakistan, and Turkey, and the authoritarian countries of China, Russia, North Korea.

3) Biden and his administration either forgot or deliberately ignored all the lessons of 9/11. Biden’s hasty withdrawal ‘gifted’ Islamists an entire country where they can train terrorists from all over the world.4) The Administration deviously abandoned the massive Bagram Air Force Base, where U.S. and allied forces could have stayed, as they did in Japan, South Korea, Europe, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

5) Biden and his team ignored the negative impact of this hasty, chaotic, and disastrous withdrawal on America’s status as the world’s superpower, which it had maintained prior to Biden’s election. He did not consult or coordinate with our allies, as he claimed he would do. He also abandoned American civilians living throughout the country, and he abandoned our Afghan allies as well.

6) The Biden Administration ‘gifted’ to the Taliban tens of billions of dollars’ worth of sophisticated weapons, including helicopters and drones, some of which the Taliban is already using to terrorize the population. Some have already been sold to China and Iran.

7) Just as previous U.S. governments and their allies have done, the Biden Administration has ignored the fact that Afghanistan produces 90% of the opium in the world, which kills millions of people all over the world, including Americans. This opium fills the pockets of the terrorists, while corrupting and killing their ‘infidel’ enemies all over the world.

8) Biden and his team could have delayed the ill-fated withdrawal to the wintertime, when the Taliban’s movements are necessarily restricted.

9) The Biden Administration did not remove high-level Taliban or Al-Qaida or ISIS terrorists from Afghan jails to Guantanamo. But the Taliban quickly released all Islamist prisoners who, as a result, are now free to attack Americans and others again.

10) The Biden team also ‘gifted’ the Taliban with  the biometric data of the Afghans who worked with the U.S., as well as civilian contractors, including Americans and other nationals, who would and could be targeted by the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and the terrorist Haqqani network.

Very rarely in life do governmental or corporate officials make simultaneous blunders of this magnitude. Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan debacle is unprecedented in U.S. history. Was it due to naïvety, stupidity, incompetence, poor judgment, or was this done deliberately, as part of the Obama/Biden/Harris plan to weaken America.

A major and swift civil and criminal investigation is required, perhaps under the auspices of the Supreme Court, to untangle the catastrophic failure of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and punish those responsible.

The top leaders and spokespersons of the following governmental entities should be placed on immediate administrative leave without pay. The subsequent investigation should focus on:

1) The President and his National Security staff.

2) All U.S. intelligence agency directors reporting to the President.

3) The DOD and Joint Chief of Staff’s advice to the President.

4) The Secretary of State’s and staff’s advice to the President.5) The DHS Secretary’s and staff’s advice to the President on Afghanistan’s terrorism threat and increased drug-trafficking implications throughout the world.

6) House Speaker Pelosi and her staff’s advice to the President.

7) Senate Majority leader Schumer and his staff’s advice to the President.

8) VP Harris’s and her staff’s advice to the President.

9) White House media and social media staff’s advice to the President.

10) The White House medical staff for not alerting Congress to Biden’s diminishing cognitive capabilities.

Due to the devastating damage instigated by Biden’s orders for early withdrawal from Afghanistan, and judging by the President’s recent appearances, it is crucial to find out whether he is cognitively competent to carry out his duties as the President of the United States.

President Biden and his Administration have caused tremendous damage to America’s credibility and influence in the world. Biden’s efforts to fulfill Obama’s promise to end the U.S. superpower status and to downgrade it into just another country in the world will be difficult to reverse. Biden’s ‘gifting’ of Afghanistan to the Taliban, especially on the eve of the twentieth anniversary of al Qaeda’s attack on America, has elevated the Islamist terrorist threat to the U.S. and to the rest of the world. His actions diminished the U.S. global influence and lost the trust of America’s allies.

It is important to consider necessary and immediate steps to remove this President and his progressively incompetent Administration before more harm is done to America’s national security.


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