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PREVIEW: Palestinian State Existential Threat

Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)


Palestinian State’s Existential Threat to Israel, the Middle East, and the US  – Ken’s Thought of the Week

The Biden Administration’s calls for a Palestinian State are immoral. It has been doubling down on such an outrageous proposal, even after Hamas’ October 7 inhuman attack on Israeli civilians and their continuous shelling of Israel with rockets.

How would a radical Islamist Iranian proxy state on Israel’s border serve US interests?

The “Palestinians” are Arabs who settled in the territory called Palestine, which is the historic Land of Israel. The British Mandate (July 24, 1922- May 14, 1948) recognized “the historic connection of the Jewish people with Palestine” and the establishment of the Jewish homeland east of the Jordan River. The local Arabs, assisted by the surrounding Arab states, objected aggressively. In 1964, the Arabs living in the territory, supported by the former Soviet Union, assumed an identity as “Palestinians” and waged wars against the Jewish State of Israel.

We have identified several reasons why a Palestinian state would be an existential threat to the Jewish State of Israel, the US, and its regional allies:

1) Given the consistent Islamist education of Arabs in the area since the founding of the modern state of Israel in 1948, all leaders of any Palestinian state would be focused on destroying Israel.

2) The leadership of a Palestinian state, under the current Palestinian Authority (PA), would not focus on opportunities to improve their citizens’ welfare and economic conditions. Over the years, it has had plenty of opportunities and funds to do so, but instead it has pocketed large sums of money and spent the rest funding terrorism against Israel.

3) The leadership of a Palestinian state would not change the educational system that indoctrinates its children in the “virtue” of killing of all Israelis and Jews.

4) The neighboring Islamist states and terrorist groups would join the Palestinian State to attack Israel. Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated countries (Qatar and Turkey) would rush to support it. Non-state actors like al Qaeda, ISIS, and their related organizations would also join.

5) Israel would be weakened by continuous terrorist attacks from a Palestinian State, but would not have the legal freedom of movement to enter this state whenever it needs to.

6) America’s European allies would eventually become vulnerable to the new Palestinian state’s long-range missiles that could even threaten European cities.

7) The Abraham Accord countries would lose Israel as its strong military and technologically developed ally, who could otherwise protect them from the Iran and its proxies and Muslim Brotherhood’s terror organizations.

8) Numerous African allies would receive far less assistance from an embattled Israel.

9) The only beneficiaries of a Palestinian state would be the Islamist terror organizations and countries such as Iran, Qatar, Turkey, and their proxies.


So why is the Biden Administration pursuing a policy that hurts US interests and its allies? Why are they pursuing a policy of aiding our enemies?

We offer the following reasons:

1) As witnessed during America’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, numerous foreign policy advisors and staff within the Administration are either incompetent or acting against the country’s interest.

2) Other staff members are sympathetic to the Islamist ideology of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, and seek a Palestinian/Hamas state as an Iranian proxy funded by Qatar.

3) Some staff members think that American help in facilitating a Palestinian State would appease Iran and facilitate a nuclear deal by reviving the 2015 JCPOA failed agreement.

4) Some staff members are inherently antisemitic and seek to hurt Israel and are also anti-Christian and seek to hurt the US.5) Some political staff members think that American efforts to facilitate a Palestinian State would aid President Biden’s quest for re-election by gaining votes from Muslim voters in key swing states, such as Michigan, and from the Communist-progressive-antisemitic and anti-Christian segment of the Democratic Party.


So what can “We the People” say and do? We should insist on the following policies from our government:

1) Our foreign policy must aid our national interests and support our allies, while punishing our enemies.

2) All staff and advisers directly involved in the Afghanistan surrender and withdrawal must be immediately fired.

3) All staff and advisers with links to Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood must be exposed and fired.

4) All staff and advisers with links to viciously anti-US and anti-Israel George Soros must be identified and immediately fired. 

5) All staff and advisers with communist/woke backgrounds should be exposed and must be immediately fired.

6) All staff and advisers who are systemically antisemitic and anti-Christian should also be exposed and fired.

7) Administration advisers who are actively and publicly seeking to oust the democratically elected government of Israel should also be named and fired.

8) The US government should unequivocally support Israel in the systemically antisemitic United Nations (UN) and its International Court of Justice (ICJ). It should also insist that the antisemitic Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, step down immediately for his pro-Hamas comments.


Assuming these personnel changes are made, how should the US support Israel?

1) The US should support Israel’s efforts in the hunt for Hamas and Palestinian Jihadist terrorists in Gaza and Judea and Samaria, no matter how long it takes.

2) The residents in Gaza have lost the right to be Israel’s neighbor and should be encouraged to migrate to Turkey, Qatar, and Iran, Hamas’ major financiers.

3) The US should support Israel’s insistence on immediately closing UNWRA-Hamas schools in Gaza, Jerusalem, and in Judea and Samaria.  The funds should be redirected to Israel so that it can educate this population through the Israeli Arab curriculum used by Israel’s two million Arab citizens.

4) The remaining Arabs in Gaza, under strict Israeli security control, should be managed by the local clans and use the Israeli Arab curriculum at their schools.

5) The US should support Israel to annex the Gaza Strip and allow the Jewish population to return first to northern Gaza and eventually to southern Gaza, too.

6) America should encourage Israel to eradicate Hamas terrorists from Judea-Samaria, as they represent a threat to both Israelis and Arabs. 

7) The US should support Israel’s effort to remove Hezbollah’s terrorists from Lebanon, south of the Litani River, so that Israel’s 90,000 displaced northern residents can finally return home.