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Filmmaker crosses U.S.-Mexico border dressed as Osama bin Laden


From the Washington Times:

By Jessica Chasmar – Monday, August 11, 2014

Investigative filmmaker James O’Keefe donned an Osama bin Laden mask and sneaked across the Rio Grande in his new media stunt meant to expose the vulnerabilities of the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I’m at the Rio Grande river. I’m about to cross into the United States just likes thousands of illegal immigrants do every single year,” Mr. O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, says in the video released Monday.

He is seen wading up to his shins across the 20-foot wide river from Mexico into Hudspeth County, Texas — this time wearing a white button-down shirt and slacks.

“I don’t see a single federal officer anywhere,” he says after easily crossing. “No walls, no guns, no people. Totally peaceful, quiet and serene. I’m in the United States. And let me tell you something, if the president or if [Nevada Sen. Harry] Reid or anyone else tries to tell you that our borders are secure, they are lying to you. Because that was just about the easiest thing I ever did. It may be difficult to get from South America to that point, but crossing that river? No problem.”

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