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Opp-Ed: Hamas Enablers

Some still consider the funding of organizations and individuals who spread the hate of Iran and its proxies as free speech instead of incitement to and support of terrorism. But don’t expect the Biden administration to stop this incitement anytime soon.

Op-Ed: Iran Should Be Divided Into 4 Different Countries

A large percentage of the Iranian population is not Persian.The best way to destroy the Iranian regime and to give independence to the people who are not Iranian is to break the country into at least four different countries.

Op Ed: Will Biden’s Middle East Policy Fail like Previous...

The United States has a president who wants to reverse all Trump's important policies, He has thereby emboldened the Iranian terror regime to once again be more aggressive.

Western Civilization in Peril – Ken’s Thought of the Week

If America's status as a superpower is damaged, would it (or could it) still send out the 'cavalry' when it was needed or called?

Op-Ed: How should America and Israel deal with Qatar?

Qatar acts as a mediator between Israel and Hamas, but at the same time, provides massive financial support for Hamas. How should Israel and the U.S. deal with Qatar?

How can Israel best fight the cultural war? – Rachel Avraham

STW contributor Rachel Avraham analyzes the multi-faceted threats facing Israel, and the urgent need for its leaders to create a Cultural Defense Minister position in the new government.

How to best defeat Israel’s enemies, while minimizing physical war –...

STW contributor Rachel Avraham presents non-lethal means that Israel can employ to undermine, and ultimately defeat, those who are sworn to its destruction.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: My concerns, hopes, and predictions for...

This week, Ken presents his analysis and predictions regarding various key domestic and international political and security issues that will or may shape 2020, and beyond.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: Time to apply maximum pressure to...

This week, Ken examines the Trump administration's current efforts to weaken Iran's global terrorism threat, and steps it should take to ratchet up its "maximum pressure" campaign.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: We need a comprehensive strategy for...

This week, Ken and STW editor-videographer Jon Sutz examine the threats posed by key Islamist groups, and strategies that America should employ to protect herself, and her people.