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Countering Political Islam’s Economic Warfare

By Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld: "To survive the fast-spreading cancerous metastases of the Political Islamic movement, liberal democracies must adopt a wide range of immunotherapeutic methods to inoculate their national cultural, political, and economic systems to withstand aggressive assaults on freedom."

The urgent need to identify the nature of the Islamists’ war...

Political Islamists have declared total war on Western societies, and are waging it through physical violence, cultural intimidation and legal warfare ("lawfare"). The sooner we recognize these basic facts, the sooner and better we will be able to provide a suitable response to the threat, and stop burying our heads in the sand.

It depends on what the meaning of “viability” is

The State Dept. recently asked a U.S. judge to not force the Palestinian Authority to start paying victims of its terrorism, because it may risk its "viability" as a government. But what is its definition of "viability"?