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Ken’s letter to the WSJ re gun control, and why we should consider Israel’s policies



Above: Video of Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat discussing the success of his Jerusalem’s revised gun control policies.

On October 7, 2017, SaveTheWest.com founder and president Ken Abramowitz submitted the following letter to the editor of the Wall St. Journal. The letter has not been published, so we are posting it here:

Letters To The Editor
Wall St. Journal
200 Liberty Street
New York, New York 10281

Dear Editor:

The “Gun Control After Las Vegas” article (10/5) concluded that “the chance that the American people will ever disarm remains zero.”

Although some extra controls may be warranted in some states, this effort is not the key issue.

There will always be 1% or so of the population who are criminals. The bigger question is what should the 99% of us do?

Let’s look at Israel. Because of sustained terrorism over many years, particularly in the Jerusalem area, local authorities encouraged reserve and retired policeman and soldiers to carry guns at all times. According to a speech recently given by the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, this change increased the percentage of the population with guns from 3% to 10%, on a daily basis.

And as a result, the number of terror attacks fell precipitously in the past 2 years. What a surprise!


Kenneth Abramowitz

New York, NY




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