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Friendly Suggestions for Biden’s Upcoming Middle East Trip – Ken’s Thought...

On July 13, President Biden will visit the Middle East, to visit Israel, the 'Palestinians', and Saudi Arabia. But what does he hope to accomplish? Will anyone trust him to make a difference?

OP-ED: How Naftali Bennett Betrayed and Deceived the Israeli people

The author explains why it is indisputable that Bennett betrayed the Israeli people and deceived Yamina voters with broken promises and lies.

Iran Exploits America’s Weakness and Israel’s Perceived Weakness – Ken’s Thought...

Who declared war on Israel? Was it Hamas? The MB? Iran? All the above? Why did they declare war on Israel? Why now?

Op Ed: How Biden’s Address to the U.S. Congress Will...

Even though Iran was mentioned briefly in his first speech to Congress, it appears the Middle East is not a priority for the Biden administration. How will this policy affect Israel?

How to prevent “America’s race riots” from spreading further in Israel...

Are the violent riots in the US a forecast of what we can expect in Israel? How to avoid it? Here are 9 ways that may make a difference.

Ken’s speech to the Republican Club of the Northern Palm Beaches...

STW founder and president Ken Abramowitz addressed the Republican Club of the Northern Palm Beaches, during which he assessed the performances of President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and analyzed the investigations targeting them.

So sorry we won (not!)

IDF Col. Erez Winner (ret.) analyzes the reasons behind Netanyahu's stunning, decisive victory against all the predictions and work of the "objective" media, pollsters, and hired political operatives from the USA.

The Bibi-Hating Media Helped to Elect Him

Could the "news" media's near-universal vilification of Benjamin Netanyahu have actually helped drive him from the loss to the win column in the recent election? Yes, argues STW contributor Doug Altabef.