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Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)



Tensions are building between the Biden Administration and the Netanyahu coalition government in Israel. Biden, who even flew to Israel to personally convey his support to the Jewish State. But now he is now openly seeking to oust the democratically elected Israeli government and depose its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who promised to destroy Hamas so that it can never repeat the atrocities it committed on October 7, 2023. Biden caved in to pressure from the pro-Hamas, anti-Israel, antisemitic “progressive” factions of the Democrat Party, and now openly supports the opposition to Netanyahu.Tensions are building between the Biden Administration and the Netanyahu coalition government in Israel. Biden now demands that:

1) Israel must curtail its fighting against the Hamas death cult in Gaza, in order to protect the population, although most of them still supports the terrorists.2) Israel must increase the distribution of supplies and humanitarian aid to Gaza, although it is evident that most of these shipments are stolen by Hamas, which then charges exorbitant amounts of money for them, and uses it to replenish their war chests.

3) The Israeli government is still considering a “two-state solution”, even though the Arabs under the Palestinian Authority (PA) have consistently rejected this concept. However, the traumatized Israeli people refuse to put their lives in danger by agreeing to establish an Islamic, Iranian proxy terrorist state — dedicated to killing them all and eradicating the Jewish State — on their vulnerable, easily penetrable border.

4) Biden now demands abrupt regime change of the democratically elected Netanyahu government, in the middle of an existential war and three years before Israeli law requires an election.
None of these demands are in Israel’s national security interest. Neither are they in America’s national security interests. So, why is America acting against its own interests and against the security and safety interests of its ally, Israel?

Several factors appear to be involved:

1) The Administration’s senior policymakers and staff continue to act against US interests. Recall the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which “gifted” the radical Islamic Taliban with more than $80 billion worth of sophisticated American weapons.2) The Administration is riddled with Iranian and Muslim Brotherhood agents, eager to defeat both Israel and America.

3) The Administration’s political advisors think that by pressuring Israel to surrender to its enemies, Biden and the Democrat Party would gain the votes of what we estimate to be  25% of American Muslims who support radical Islamic death cults, while ignoring the possibility that such policies are likely to turn off many Democrat voters, who are longtime supporters of Israel.4) The Biden Administration’s new anti-Israel policies are antisemitic, as we describe below.

We have identified the following signs of antisemitism, all of which are endorsed by the Biden Administration:

1) The administration insists that Israel must stop fighting for its survival and agree to a deceptive “cease-fire” which Hamas will certainly violate, as it has done all along.

2) The administration advocates a two-state solution, which would legitimize a terrorist state alongside of Israel’s borders.

3) The administration advocates a new Iranian nuclear deal and/opposes policies necessary to devastate the Iranian death cult.

4) The administration supports the illegal Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions bill against Israel, America’s only reliable ally in the Middle East.

The Biden Administration’s senior policy advisors and staff are riddled with antisemitic ideologies that undermine America’s national security interests. That is why the Biden Administration is inexcusably seeking regime change of its ally Israel, but not of its enemies Iran, Qatar, China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela.