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What does Iran have on YOU, Speaker Pelosi?

Why has Speaker Pelosi incited a frenzy, based on loose rumors that Russia is paying bounties to kill U.S. soldiers - but ignored the voluminous evidence that Iran has actually been doing this, for many years? By Jon Sutz.

Are we prepared for the aftermath of the Presidential election? –...

STW contributor Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld presents a jarring potential scenario for the aftermath of the November 3 election, and why President Trump should implement measures to preserve peace.

Who’s behind the violent seditious anarchy across America? Ken’s Thought of...

Ken and STW editor-videographer Jon Sutz report indications that as-yet unknown forces are orchestrating & supporting the violent seditious anarchy we're witnessing, and make recommendations to President Trump.

Think CNN isn’t in the tank for Joe Biden? Here’s the...

Have you been looking on the front page of CNN's website for coverage of, and commentary on Biden's latest racist slur against black Americans? Good luck; it buried, then ignored the story.

How America and Israel should respond to Sultan Erdogan – Rachel...

STW contributor Rachel Avraham analyzes the threats posed to the U.S., Israel and the Middle East by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, president of Turkey, and presents strategies for mitigating these dangers.

COVID-19 Impact on National Security: Ken’s Thought of the Week

This week, Ken examines the Chinese Communist Party's acts and omissions regarding COVID-19 and beyond, and why they warrant close US scrutiny & defensive measures.

How can Israel best fight the cultural war? – Rachel Avraham

STW contributor Rachel Avraham analyzes the multi-faceted threats facing Israel, and the urgent need for its leaders to create a Cultural Defense Minister position in the new government.

Cultural Safety Has Domestic and Foreign Challenges: Ken’s Thought of the...

This week, Ken follows up on previous articles, with recommendations for both domestic and international advisers for both the Red and Green Task Forces.

Cultural Advisor Crucial to National Security: Ken’s Thought Of The Week

This week, following up on his previous recommendations, Ken explains why President Trump needs to appoint a Cultural Adviser, to coordinate the Red & Green Task Forces.

All-Of-Government Management is Good: Ken’s Thought of the Week

This week, Ken comments on the Trump administration's Covid-19 Task Force, and explains why this model should be applied to two other vital threats facing the USA