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Op Ed: The Democrats and Machiavelli Agree: The Ends Justify the Means



By Rachel Avraham

In a recently held webinar, Save the West Founder, threat analyst, and author of the ground-breaking book “The Multifront War,” Kenneth Abramowitz highlighted how anti-Democratic forces are trying to steal the recent US election: “There are two types of totalitarians: Reds (statists) and Greens (Islamists). Reds and Greens have one thing in common. They want to destroy Judeo-Christian civilization, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. They are determined to destroy everything that we cherish in order to create their own rules and to take over the government.

We have seen this in their violent street riots when they destroy the symbols of our democracy, when they demand the defunding of law enforcement, and burn down the life work of others. We’ve seen it here and in other countries. The question remains, will the Reds and Greens impose authoritarianism on us, or will democracy spread to their lands? Will there be a regime change in the democracies or the dictatorships? This is the dilemma we are facing with this election and all future elections.”

Abramowitz claims that we are currently fighting sixty different wars because there are ten enemies in this war (China, Iran, ISIS, North Korea, Antifa, Russia, etc.) and they are utilizing six different types of warfare: the cultural war, the demographic war, cyber warfare, economic warfare, lawfare, and physical warfare, which includes biological warfare and, of course, COVID-19: “We are not geared up to fight on sixty fronts. How can we do sixty things in one day? With enough time and money, we must reorganize everything. Right now, our government cannot do it and that is a problem. This is not a criticism of Trump. This is a critique of democracy. Democratic governments are cumbersome and clumsy by definition. Dictatorships are organized to fight on sixty fronts, but we are not. And dictatorships play by different rules.

“If we are going to successfully fight people who don’t play by our rules, we can’t just continue playing by those rules and expect something good to happen,” Abramowitz noted. “The election was a low water mark for America. It was a national embarrassment that America could not run a proper election. The Democrats have adopted the rules of the dictators and used about fifteen different techniques to steal the vote. They flipped six states and then tried to cover up their tracks. If Biden becomes president, it will be the end of our democracy as we know it.”

According to Abramowitz, China, Cuba, and Venezuela were involved in funding and building the hardware and software that was utilized to conduct the US elections, and that no fair election can take place unless those machines are removed from the electoral process: “The country’s future is up in the air for the next four weeks. The Democrat Party is determined to have their way, and they specialize in deception in order to get it, as they did in the 2020 election. For them, the end justifies the means.”

Abramowitz declared that if Americans are ever going to have faith in the electoral system again, any voting machine that has any foreign component must be removed and fresh elections must be held with machines whose components were exclusively produced in the United States. He suggested that President Trump must do this. “It is a great dilemma. Selectively, where needed, he may need to order a national guard or military response in order to remove these voting machines that were tainted with foreign software and hardware.”

However, Abramowitz noted that the greatest flaw with this plan is that there is no guarantee that it will be implemented, even if Trump orders it, for some of the people around him might refuse to implement his orders: “He should have fired some of these people long ago. He does not have pure patriots around him. He needs five to ten great people around him. One of the problems Trump has is that he thinks that if you write a tweet, it will happen, without the dedicated personnel to make it happen. He has four weeks to fix it, whether he is going to be President for one or two terms.”

In conclusion, Abramowitz declared: “The future of Western civilization is in our hands, whether it survives or disappears. The country is split between Democratic and Republican states, with Chinese and Russian influence pervading in Democrat-dominated states. The Democrats are intellectually bankrupt and 100 percent corrupt. For this reason, the Republicans must win by more votes than the Democrats can steal.

“On January 6, what will President Trump do? Will we uncover the true extent of the Democrat insurrection? Will we become a colony of China? If Trump and his staff understand The Multifront War and do what is necessary to win on multiple fronts, we the people, together with President Trump, will win.”

Source:The Multifront War

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