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A freedom-oriented, college-age refugee from Afghanistan, "Nina" (a pen name, for security reasons) is now in the USA. Through a last-minute opportunity, she was able to board a US military transport plane out of Kabul, before the Taliban gained control of Afghanistan in August 2021. Nina has been working fervently ever since her arrival in America to help the 15 other members of her family to safety. Her primary focus has been on rescuing her father, who's being hunted by the Taliban, because of the help be provided to US and Coalition governments. Learn more about "Nina" and her family at the following bio, written by Jon Sutz, former STW editor-videographer, here: About Afghan "Nina"

Op-Ed: With the Rise to Power of the Taliban in...

On August 15, 2021, my country was confronted with a disaster that it could never have imagined. The Taliban had regained control of our country and our lives.

Op-Ed: Afghanistan’s Taliban Declare War on the Individual

"When I wake up in the morning; I see two different worlds: the world of yesterday and the world of today; the world of light and the world of darkness, the world of the Taliban."