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Coincidences or Coordinated Coup? – Ken’s Thought of the Week

We have identified over 15 strange political, health, and general events that could have been either individual occurrences or a comprehensive ploy to oust Donald Trump from the White House. Though some of these have been already identified during the past five years, similar events should be made public and thoroughly investigated.

1) President Obama illegally spied on candidate Trump in 2015 and 2016, in advance of the November 2016 election, on the pretext of searching for Trump-Russia collusion. He also similarly targeted Trump’s National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn.

2) After Trump won the election, then-FBI director James Comey used illegal news leaks to build up pressure to hire Special Prosecutor Mueller to examine the alleged Trump-Russia collusion. This supposed collusion was not only to besmirch Trump, but also to sidetrack the attention from losing candidate Hillary Clinton’s malfeasance. This supposed collusion was not only designed to besmirch President Trump, but also to sidetrack the attention from the wrongdoings of former President Barack Obama. After more than two years of constant investigations that cost the taxpayers more than $50 million, no collusion was found. Instead, the Obama administration’s role in the ploy was exposed, Unfortunately, it was not widely reported.

3) The Russian Hoax was used again by the Democrats to flip the House of Representatives for Democrats in the mid-term elections in 2018.

4) In 2019, the energized Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi framed and impeached Trump for collusion with Ukraine, which he did not do, but which former VP Biden actually did – and bragged about it.

5) In the Fall of 2019, China unleashed the COVID-19 virus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The new and highly infectious virus was deliberately spread to the US and around the world by air travelers from Wuhan. China protected itself by isolating Hubei province, but allowed five million Wuhan residents to travel abroad.

6) President Trump stopped all air travel from China on January 31, after 6 cases of the Wuhan virus were identified in the US. The Democrats, including their candidate Joe Biden, reacted with vile criticism, accusing Trump of xenophobia and belittling the Chinese virus threat. But it was Trump’s swift action that saved the lives of many thousand American lives.

7) After the nationwide shutdown in February and March, President Trump began to reopen the country, but acknowledged that it was up to every state to determine its own pace. Republican governors moved quickly, but Democrats, who continued to criticize Trump, moved slowly, deliberately imposing harsh restrictions on their populace.

8) After the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May, 2020, peaceful and legal demonstrations flared up in over 20 cities. But within 2 days, highly organized mobs descended on these cities, looting, burning, and destroying whatever they could.  They were led by various groups, claiming affiliation with Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM). Claiming revenge for racial discrimination throughout American history, the mobs also destroyed historical statues and monuments in many cities and towns. Democrat mayors and governors restricted their own police forces, and prevented them from interfering with the ongoing violence.

9) Huge sums were raised from individuals and corporations to support these violent riots. As it turned out, some of these funds were also diverted to the Democrat party or their individual candidates.

10) As the election moved closer during the summer of 2020, many Democrat governors authorized and encouraged the use of mail-in ballots, under the guise of voter safety. This could have been accomplished through the use of the far more secure absentee ballots. This sudden untested move was a recipe for far-reaching fraud, guaranteeing that the November 3 election results would be contested.

11) During the TV debate process for the Presidential and VP candidates, all of the 3 moderators were known to be biased against Trump and Pence. And pollsters studying the electorate were off the mark by 5-10 points. Predictions of a Blue Wave were 100% wrong, and we ended up seeing more of a Red Wave.

12) The social media giants and mainstream media outlets (including television networks) increasingly restricted conservative commentators’ free expression, and some banned them altogether. Instead, they continued defaming Trump and his administration with baseless accusations and outright lies.  At the same time, the US media complex ignored the daily revelations about the Biden’s alleged corruption, especially his ties with China, Russia, and Ukraine, and his visible and evident cognitive decline.

13) During the evening of the November 3 election, Fox News prematurely forecast a Biden victory in Georgia. Within one hour, 5 swing states inexplicably stopped counting ballots, instead of the customary counting through the night. Eventually it was determined that Trump got 71 million votes vs 65 million in the 2016 election. Biden got 74 million votes vs Obama’s 65 million votes, an incredible nine million extra votes for an unusually poor candidate. When legitimates are concluded in the six key contested states are complete, Biden may well have received only 65-70 million legal votes.

14) Four days later, on November 7, the media unethically and incorrectly named Biden the “winner” and “President-elect”.15) Now on defense, President Trump and his legal team announced a vigorous investigation into potential voter fraud in 5-10 states. Five lawsuits will be filed over five days, alleging that their authorized poll watchers were denied access to the vote counting process. Almost 500,000 ballots were identified with only Biden’s name on them, and a secret vote-switching software, formerly used by the CIA, was found to have been used to switch thousands of votes from Trump to Biden. This software was developed by Dominion Voting Systems Corporation, a Canadian company, whose CEO is Speaker Pelosi’s former Chief of Staff, and Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband is a significant investor. Separately, in 7 key swing states, RealClearPolitics claims that there were anywhere from 101% to 125% more ballots than there were registered voters.

So what is going on? Were there really 15 separate coincidences that favored Biden? Is this an illegal five year coup in the making? We may find out during the next 5 weeks as a number of lawsuits go through the courts. Or we may not. Fasten your seat belt!

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