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The Bibi-Hating Media Helped to Elect Him


The following is an excerpt of an editorial by SaveTheWest contributor Doug Altabef that first appeared in the Times of Israel on March 18, 2015. Altabef is a retired American financial adviser from New York, who now lives in Israel.  Altabef’s previous editorial, published just before the election, “Only Obama could make me want Bibi,” sets the stage for this one.

From the Times of Israel:

One of the many unattractive aspects of Left wing ideology is a willingness to substitute wishful thinking for analysis. Perhaps this is just another manifestation of a narcissistic view of life, the idea that if I really want something it is tantamount to reality.

A cartoon that appeared in the Sunday Times (UK), depicting Netanyahu murdering Palestinians.

The just completed Israeli election is a great case in point. The media, most of which dislikes Bibi, and much of which despises him, was primed for his defeat. They could taste it. After all, he has been in office for six years, his wife is not returning plastic bottles, and he had the effrontery to cross King Obama.

And so idea was born of ABB – Anyone but Bibi. Somehow, it was just an open little secret that everyone wanted Bibi out. We just needed a replacement. But in all likelihood, anyone would do.

Well, in Buji Herzog, you got anyone. Buji is about as enticing as day old sushi. Piling absurdity on top of dubiousness, he partnered with Tzipi Livni, who could outgun Sara Netanyahu any day as the Lady Macbeth of Israel.

No matter. This was the dynamic duo that would be the lightning rod for the millions of disaffected voters who were itching for a change.

There was only one problem. Well, maybe more than one. But the big one was that this was a mindset that did not extend very far beyond the four walls of select Tel Aviv neighborhoods (as well as various newsrooms or studios).

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And if you’re so inclined, send a “Thank you!” note to the Bibi-hating “news” media, that helped to drive so many centrists to vote for him.