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Jon’s response to critics of STW’s “Coalition for Non-Living Americans”


by Jon Sutz, Editor, SaveTheWest.com

On October 24, 2016 the first “social justice” campaign that I conceived of and designed for SaveTheWest.com went live: “The Coalition for Non-Living Americans.”  The purpose of this mock campaign is to satirically stand up for the “rights” of dead voters, and the (networks of) “social justice warriors” across America who are re-registering them to vote, and are casting ballots in their names.

Here’s the 3-minute video I wrote, designed and produced to promote the campaign:

Since then, we have received some hearty compliments about the campaign. We’ve also received some vicious criticism, which generally centers around three assertions:

  • There are no legitimate reports of dead people being registered to vote, and no one is casting (or attempting to cast) ballots for them
  • Even if there are some cases, they are isolated, few and inconsequential
  • This is all just a malicious, last-minute effort to boost support for the Trump campaign

My response

First of all, I am a Never-Trumper.

Second, as with all my other work for SaveTheWest.com, everything I assert is backed up by authoritative evidence, and I always provide links within my reports. In the context of the Coalition, the bulk of the array of sources I present are not speculative rants by crank conspiracy or political websites, but rather, are local investigative reports and court records, or demonstrably responsible compilations thereof.  In fact, many are from local MSM affiliates (curiously, the national broadcasters shy away from reporting these stories).  For example:

  • A college student in Harrisonburg, VA, was arrested for submitting voter registration applications for 19 dead people – and was later found to be part of a vast, loosely connected group of paid “social justice warriors” who are doing this nationwide.
  • An initial audit in California shows that hundreds of dead people in Los Angeles have cast ballots in recent elections. Excerpt:

“He took a lot of time choosing his candidates,” said Annette Givans of her father, John Cenkner. Cenkner died in Palmdale in 2003. Despite this, records show that he somehow voted from the grave in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010.”

  • Hundreds of other incidents have been found in other states – and all have certain characteristics in common, which are only now being discovered.

Together, these stories from across America indicate the depth and breadth of these coordinated attempts to subvert our elections.   And those are just the cases that we know about. There may be hundreds or thousands of others, that are yet to be revealed.  See the comprehensive research file I compiled here:

Research file: Harassment of social justice activists who are registering Non-Living Americans to vote

A major driver of these incidents is that, as Pew Research discovered, 1.8 million dead Americans are still registered to vote, and thus, are able to “request” absentee ballots and vote by mail.

Why do most Americans know nothing about this?

When I first started hearing allegations of dead people being registered to vote, and ballots being cast in their names, I thought it must be a joke.  Until I started researching it.

After discovering how serious of a situation this is, I began asking friends and acquaintances — college students, corporate executives, discharged soldiers, and homemakers — about it, and virtually all had heard nothing, or only loose rumors about it.

How, I asked, could so few people be aware of so serious a problem, an assault on our voting rights, given our 24-7 cable, Internet and print news, the most trustworthy of which generally is sourced to the largest newspapers (the New York Times, Washington Post, etc.)?

The answer is that the major, supposedly nonpartisan national “news” media organizations have been in a virtual blackout of this situation, for reasons only they can explain. We can, however, speculate on the reason, given the following five facts:

  • Upon perusing the dozens of stories in our research archive, one discovers that the vast majority of those who are accused of registering dead people to vote, and/or are casting ballots in their names, are doing so to advance Democratic candidates, or are aligned with far-left “social justice” organizations.
  • deaf-dumb-blindMore than 96% of political donations by reporters and editors and national “news” organizations have gone to the Democratic National Committee, or the Hillary Clinton campaign (which even exceeds the 88% that went to President Obama and the DNC in 2008).
  • The overwhelming majority of political donations by public polling firms during the 2016 elections have gone to the DNC or Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
  • Nearly all of the documented and alleged incidents of voter fraud, beyond dead voters, also mirror these dynamics, are being perpetrate by, and are benefiting Democrats and/or far-left causes.
  • As was discovered in the recent series of Project Veritas undercover investigative videos, the heads of major Democratic Party-affiliated organizations admitted to elaborate voter fraud schemes, some of which they allege have been underway for fifty years.  Each was fired or resigned as a result of these videos.

The issue of voter fraud should not be a partisan issue.  It is in the interest of every freedom-loving American to ensure that each citizen has the right and opportunity to vote, and to have their vote counted – and not be canceled out by the ballot of a dead or fraudulent voter.

The mainstream “news” media’s conspiracy of silence has given Fox News* and Donald Trump* a platform upon which to raise awareness of the growing phenomenon of dead voters (*I am neither affiliated with, nor am a fan of either of them). 

Given the fact that the mere mention of Fox News as a source of information is an immediate turn-off for half of Americans, we at SaveTheWest decided that there had to be a way to raise awareness of the issue, on a completely nonpartisan basis.


The right to vote, in clean, honest, transparent elections, is one of the hallmark dividing lines between Western culture and the rest of the world.  Unlike in other parts of the world, where “leaders” are determined through military conflicts, political coups and rigged elections, honest elections are the basic requirement of self-government, which is Americans’ birthright.  Anyone, and any organization that is engaged in a determined effort to subvert this process, is an enemy of freedom, and of our Constitution, and should be exposed and prosecuted, no matter their political ideology or motivations.

I am not, and never have been, a member of any political party.  I am a classic liberal, who calls things as I see them, regardless of who might be “offended.”

If anyone wants to debate the merits of our Coalition for Non-Living Americans, I’m game — but let it be on the documented facts, and approached on a nonpartisan basis, with the objective being how best to ensure clean, honest elections.