There is a growing and irreconcilable gap between the two parties - Democrats and Republicans - and it threatens to divide our country in ways that cannot be fixed. Where is this leading our once great country and what will America look like if they succeed?
Universities and college campuses have been flooded by well-funded and well-organized supporters of radical Islamist terrorist groups. Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood, to name but a few. What needs to be done to combat this assault on American Jews? Here are some suggestions.
Rachel Ehrenfeld has written "a damning indictment of a dangerous man, an act for which she deserves our utmost appreciation".
The Passover Seder teaches us many lessons that become essential in today's dangerous world. Here some of important lessons that we can learn from this meaningful holiday.
On April 14, Iran attacked Israel with hundreds of drones and ballistic and cruise missiles. This time, Israel was prepared and survived. But the war is far from over. What can you do to help Israel in its fight for survival?
While the number of Christians in the world is declining, the population of radical Muslims in rapidly increasing in both numbers and political power, and the scourge of antisemitsm is growing. Why is this happening and what must we do to change it?
There has been a dramatic decrease of Christian Arabs who live in Israel today. Large numbers of Christian Arabs who lived in the territories of the Palestinian Authority have left Israel and immigrated to other countries.
The Biden Administration is undermining America’s national security interests by inexcusably seeking regime change of its ally Israel, and insisting that Israel stop fighting for its survival.
The October 7 attack on Israel should be remembered as the official beginning of World War III. It should also serve as a warning to all democracies, because what happened in Israel can happen anywhere. Here's what the nations of the world can all learn from that.
It is necessary not to lose sight of the basic issue - a regional and global challenge posed by Iran's comprehensive influence.