The Israel/Hamas War is a sad combination of twelve earlier wars. Did these wars continue repeatedly throughout history because they were never concluded with the enemies’ unconditional surrender?
A re-examination of ten critical mistakes made by Israel, usually under pressure from the antisemitic/Islamist-influenced US State Department and the antisemitic and unprincipled United Nations. How can both countries remedy the mistakes they made over the past 56 years?
Living through the nightmare of Israel in wartime, a first-person account of how the conflict affects civilians and their families.
Some still consider the funding of organizations and individuals who spread the hate of Iran and its proxies as free speech instead of incitement to and support of terrorism. But don’t expect the Biden administration to stop this incitement anytime soon.
Democracies suffer from weak, often Left and generally corrupt leadership who underestimate the evil and cruelty of their enemies. How can we overcome this as we now face World War III?.
The U.S. funding of Palestinian terrorist groups began in 1993, and America never stopped funding and supporting the Palestinians, who have used some of that money to support their terrorist activities.Has understanding this ever been more important than than it is today?
While U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres conveyed his displeasure with Hamas’ attack on Israel, he has repeatedly expressed that he’s “deeply distressed" by Israel’s response to Hamas’s brutal attacks. If Israel does not respond with strength, what can we expect in the U.S. from the terrorists coming over our own southern border?
The brutal, sadistic assault on Israeli civilians by Hamas on October 7 as led to a change in Israel's military rules of engagement. The stage is now set for a long and deadly war.
  As I write this, anti-Judicial Reform protesters in Israel continue to block off roads in order to protest across the Tel Aviv area. This has been ongoing since the beginning of the year. Many Israelis who just want to...
In The Soros Agenda, Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld exposes George Soros' insidious agenda. Soros, who claims he is seeking a "global open society",in fact promotes a closed society, that is a danger, not only to America, but to the world.