Where did the 12 tribes of Israel go, after they were exiled by the king of Assyria in 721 BCE? Here is an interesting theory that changes everything.
American citizens no longer have "equal protection under the law". They no longer have freedom of speech. They are no longer safe, as crime sweeps large cities and small towns.So how come the Republican "red wave" never happened?
There is a new effort in Israel to create practical policies for the advancement of the Religious Zionism. To formulate this new perspective—new horizons of Religious Zionisms - is an urgent and vital task.
. By Rachel Avraham As we speak, the human rights situation is deteriorating in the Islamic Republic of Iran amid protests aimed to topple the mullah’s regime following the horrific killing of Mahsa Amini, a young Kurdish girl who was killed...

Floor 1776

"I was distracted and accidentally pushed a button I hadn’t seen before. I live on the 7th floor, the 4th apartment on the right, but I found myself going down, and I couldn’t stop it. . . . "
The White House recently released its 2022 version of the country's National Security Strategy. This reckless report overlooks some of the most important issues facing America today and highlights the monumental incompetence of the Administration’s national security team.
UPDATE: Our film has received high praise from several notable Afghan veterans here. How would Americans react if they discovered that the most politically influential, publicly-traded social media website was knowingly allowing a violent right-wing extremist group to post propaganda...
The spendthrift Biden administration is squandering the nation's coffers and destroying the economy. So what should we do about this fiscal mess?
The time has come for the world to realize that a nuclear Iran is not only an Israeli problem, but a global threat which harms the entire free world. But what can be done?
It is time for the forces of 'good' to oppose and defeat the forces of 'evil' everywhere! In honor of the Jewish New Year, we at Save The West have created a list of hopes for the forthcoming year.