On July 13, President Biden will visit the Middle East, to visit Israel, the 'Palestinians', and Saudi Arabia. But what does he hope to accomplish? Will anyone trust him to make a difference?
  June 14th was Flag Day. It was the birthday of the United States Army and the birthday of President Trump!!! This video of Red Skelton is short and powerful...I urge you to pass it forward to the Patriots on your...
Wars and massive migrations are disrupting the sovereignty of countries around the world, making the Westphalia Peace a piece of history without teeth.
. By Ayoob Kara In recent days, Iran and Qatar have signed 14 memoranda of understanding in the fields of aviation, trade, media, electricity, education, and culture. It was also agreed that when Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi visited, Iranians will not...
The Russians laughed at Leonid Brezhnev, as he tried to lead the Soviet Union through his declining mental capacity. Today America laughs at the blunders and fiasco of sleepy Joe and at the same time feels a justified anxiety. What does this mean for America?
The Palestinians for decades have taught their children how to hate Israel and Jews. They teach the Palestinians to be martyrs, to kill and be killed. There are so many proofs for this wrong policy of the Palestinians, but it is in their schoolbooks, in their school plays.
The supra-national organizations that are trying to take authority over sovereign nations are threatening the future of their autonomy and independence.
. By Rachel Avraham According to the latest report from the Anti-Defamation League, there were 2,717 anti-Semitic incidents reported targeting American Jews in 2021. According to them, these figures have not been this bad since they began tracking anti-Semitism in 1979....
Israel has adopted a three pronged marketing message: tourism, hi-tech, gay rights, but this strategy does not work – neither practically or spiritually. Here's a better idea.
Why would the Biden administration trust WHO, which mismanaged the world's response to COVID-19 so badly, and covered up the source of the virus?