After 20 years, American soldiers are leaving Afghanistan. But was it the right decision, and did we do it properly?
. By Rachel Avraham The State of Israel has a new government and already Netanyahu’s key policies are beginning to unravel. As Ayoob Kara, who served as Israel’s Communications, Cyber, and Satellite Minister, stated: “After the cancellation of the oil agreement...
. By Rachel Avraham In a recent webinar, Ken Abramowitz, founder of Save the West and author of The Multifront War, talked about the new government in Israel: “I am not happy with this government. It is a left-wing government run...
When COVID-19 hit, there were no diagnostics, no therapeutics, no vaccines. But America rose to the challenge. How did that happen?
The Supreme Courts in the United States and Israel are both failing to protect the balance of power within their respective governments. Why?
Who declared war on Israel? Was it Hamas? The MB? Iran? All the above? Why did they declare war on Israel? Why now?
The Biden Administration has repudiated the basic values of the United States and the wisdom of Judaism and Christianity, which are its backbone. Can America survive this assault?
Even though Iran was mentioned briefly in his first speech to Congress, it appears the Middle East is not a priority for the Biden administration. How will this policy affect Israel?
In his first speech before Congress, Biden provided no solutions to the growing crises that his administration has created in America today.
While the U.S. considers China to be its number one strategic threat, Israel does not. How will Israel's growing friendship with China affect the US-Israel relationships months to come?