The numerous false narratives that guide the Biden administration are making it incapable of managing the national security of America. It is a dangerous time for our country.
Making a satire about the cancel culture, or Russia, or China has become a dangerous business where the creator become his own victim. There are no honest filmmakers anymore.
Putin is not an obsessed ideologue bent on turning the world communist. But his paranoid secretiveness, even from his own spies, has lead Russia into disaster.
Russia's war against Ukraine will be a painful lesson. Accustomed to easy remote victories, they have already forgotten about their losses Afghanistan and Chechnya.
Putin underestimated Ukrainian comedian-turned-President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people's resolve for independence. It may have been his worst blunder.
the Biden administration has created another Arab Spring, another failed bloody mess, this time on the borders of Eastern Europe.
Has the Biden administration lost its pride in our in America's exceptionalism? If so, what can We the People do about it? Ken has some ideas that could make a real difference.
Saudi Arabia and Israel share a common enemy in Iran, and so they have became our friends. So why won't the Saudis join the Abraham Accords?
The Abraham Agreement was the brilliant creation of former former American President Donald Trump and former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But it never grew beyond a few Middle Eastern states? Why?
'Progressives' pretend to help Americans by extending free benefits, but we Americans pay for those 'gifts' with sky-high inflation and the loss of our freedom.