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Ken’s Thought of the Week: Losing Bolton increases the chance of war

U.S. President Donald Trump (R) speaks while seated with national security adviser John Bolton (L), White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow (2nd L) and Vice President Mike Pence (2nd R), while hosting a working luncheon with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida U.S., April 18, 2018. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque


By Ken Abramowitz, President & Founder, SaveTheWest

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After National Security Advisor John Bolton resigned (or was fired, depending on who you ask), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said that Bolton was “naive” and that his departure would “decrease the chance of war”:

Sen. Paul is wrong. Bolton is realistic in his world outlook, and is certainly not “naive.” To the contrary, these were some of the reasons President Trump cited for why he hired Bolton.

Without Bolton’s sage advice, President Trump is likely to find himself at a distinct disadvantage in understanding how our enemies behave. For example, meeting or negotiating with evil regimes shows a sign of weakness, thereby prolonging a war or leading to an appeasement strategy to end a war quickly (as sometimes happens in the lead-up to a domestic election). Recall that World War II could have been avoided had England and its European allies heeded the warnings of Winston Churchill, and dealt decisively with Germany as it was building a massive, offensive war machine, in violation of the Versailles Treaty — and before the National Socialist (Nazi) regime and its Axis allies were able to cause an estimated 60 million deaths.

Let’s look at four of the most complicated national security and foreign policy dilemmas facing America right now:

(1) The Taliban: America should treat the Taliban in Afghanistan as the enemy it is. The Taliban must be bankrupted or destroyed. No negotiations.

(2) ISIS & Al Qaeda: Similarly we should be fighting these and all Islamist terrorist gangs militarily, not engaging in pointless negotiations. This does not necessarily mean that America should engage in this war alone; ideally we should be working with 20-30 local allies to wipe out these non-state terror organizations.

(3) Iran: The world’s #1 Islamist terror-sponsoring nation should be treated like ISIS, not like China. We have nothing in common with the Iran’s theo-totalitarian rulers, who have promised to take over the world, and kill everyone in the USA. Recall that Iran’s “supreme leader” led public chants of “Death to America!!!,” as his agents were “negotiating” the nuclear “deal” with the Obama administration:

Most recently, Iran or its terrorist proxies in Yemen launched a massive strike on Saudi Arabian oil facilities, which caused fuel costs to soar 10% worldwide.  The U.S. must severely punish Iran’s military, and unmercifully bankrupt the country over the next 12 months. There is no middle ground. In any case, no negotiations. (UPDATE: We now have solid indications that Iran violated the terms of the “deal” from day one. Learn more in the Additional Reading section.)

(4) China: For now*, China is more of a competitor than an enemy, run by very rational and determined leaders. A trade deal is quite doable, but cannot be consummated quickly, as there are numerous issues that must be addressed. A good chance exists that a reasonable deal can be negotiated. (*This may well change, as China continues building its massive war-fighting capability, including a blue-water navy, capable of challenging the U.S. on every front; see more in the Additional Reading section)

With savvy strategists like Bolton, the bad guys are more likely to give up or surrender. Perhaps this is why Iran’s leaders praised and mocked John Bolton’s departure from the White House, echoing the praise from the U.S. mainstream “news” media and “social justice” groups.

Without advisers like Bolton, the U.S. is likely to choose no-action, and wars will drag on forever. We certainly hope the remaining national security advisers quickly fill the void created by Bolton’s departure. Right now, the threat of physical war is rising rapidly, whether our political leaders like it or not. Inaction is not in America’s best interest.

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