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The secret of Jewish survival



An excerpt from an editorial by Dr. Haim Shine at Israel Hayom:

Israel+Rally+(John+Rifkin)It is unclear when the current wave of knife terrorism will end. The winds of radical Islam are fueling the flames around us. Fanatical young Arabs are convinced that the time of a new caliphate has arrived and the Jews will soon meekly surrender.

But, as in the past, the Arabs do not understand the secret of the Jewish people’s survival over thousands of years. They are unable to comprehend our heroism and the Hasmonean spirit of freedom that beats within our souls. Our unique nature got us through even the toughest of times during our 2,000-year exile from our land. We brave Jews — men and women, young and old — have never loosened our grip on the flag of freedom.

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Odelle and Aharon BenettAlso, please make a donation to help Odelle Bennett, who along with her husband Aharon and infant son were the victims of a recent Palestinian terror attack.

Odelle was stabbed 17 times, but survived. Aharaon was killed.

Odelle now has two children to raise on her own, thanks to the Palestinian terror machine.

Please help if you can.




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