Vallely12x10“The Huffington Post continues in its efforts to dehumanize the Jewish victims of the radical Islamists embodied in Hamas and the Palestinian ruling bodies. This outstanding film by SaveTheWest exposes this ongoing battle in the Middle East, and highlights the incitement of hate and terrorists of Palestinians against the Jews. It is critical that you view this film.”

Paul E. Vallely
Maj. General, U.S. Army (Ret)
Chairman, StandUpAmericaUS.org
(via email)

Mauro12x10“This film is an incredible, devastating expose of how the Huffington Post’s point of view on the Middle East has resulted in unbelievably biased reporting, misleading its readers into favoring the terrorists’ narratives.”

Ryan Mauro
National Security Analyst
(via email)

PiniDunner12x10This is an excellently constructed, very disturbing documentary about the Huffington Post, the world’s most widely read political news site, thoroughly demonstrating the disgraceful bias of this supposedly objective news source against Israel. Thank you Jon Sutz for your incredible dedication to the task of exposing the insidious dark agenda of this respected media information source.

Pini Dunner
Senior Rabbi
YINBH Beverly Hills Synagogue
(via Facebook)

phillipsm12x10This forensic debut video by SaveTheWest details the systematic way in which the Huffington Post whitewashes Palestinian terrorism, dehumanises its Jewish victims and incites hatred against Israel. A sobering analysis which sheds valuable light on the deranged prejudice against Israel and the Jews now endemic in the west.

Melanie Phillips
Columnist, author; The World Turned Upside Down, Londonistan
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Kopping12x10Friends, this is important.

These last few months have been incredibly difficult for anyone who cares about Israel. As we all know, regular, civilian Palestinian men, women and yes, even children, have been attacking random Jews on the streets with knives, meat cleavers, vehicles and rifles.

In the three months between September and November last year, there were over 105 Palestinian terror attacks, which left 22 Jews dead, and over 200 injured. Let that sink in for a minute.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, we all noted with incredulity how the world media either ignored the bloody rampage of the so-called, ‘Third Intifada’, or misreported it entirely.

I was honored to be contacted by filmmaker and activist, Jon Sutz, who, for the past several months, has been painstakingly monitoring one of the world’s most popular news websites, the ‪#‎HuffingtonPost‬.

Jon, like many others, has long-recognized that ‪#‎HuffPost‬‘s reporting about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is consistently unbalanced, but I don’t think that even he understood how broken their editorial team really are.

Jon went through every piece of Huffpost’s reporting, (and lack there-of), during the period of the Third Intifada, and has collated the mountains of data into a powerful ‘info-mentary’ that you need to take the time to watch.

It’s one thing to kind of ‘have a feeling’ that a reputable news-source like HuffPost has an endemic Israel problem – it’s another thing to witness the overwhelming evidence first-hand.

I warn you, this film is not easy to watch. I had to stop more than once.

But I urge you to persevere. It’s important to understand the massive media malpractice being committed by Huffington Post.

So please watch the film, and share the heck out of it.  The world needs to know.

Wayne Kopping
Film director, “The Thrid Jihad,” “Obsession,”By The Numbers: The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics”
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