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Ken’s Thought of the Week: A real plan for peace in the Middle East



President Trump has publicly highlighted his forthcoming “deal of the century” for reviving a Middle East peace plan, or at least a conceptional way forward.

This is quite a noble effort, given the obvious challenges.

However before such a plan can get a proper hearing, several preconditions must first be accomplished.

The Middle East landscape is extremely varied and perilous.

  • The U.S. has only one true Middle East ally: Israel.
  • We have two reasonably reliable Arab friends, Egypt and Jordan.
  • We have “frenemies,” Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey.
  • We have three existential enemies: the Muslim Brotherhood (supported by Turkey and Qatar), and ISIS/Al Qaeda.

So what preconditions must be met before the U.S. embarks on a realistic peace process?

(1) The bad guys must be neutralized or eliminated, so they cannot interfere with or derail the process. For example, the Iranian terror regime must be replaced by true reformers, who will immediately dismantle the nuclear weapons program, as well as the worldwide terror infrastructure of 150,000 physical terrorists, 100,000 narco-terrorists, and 150,000 cultural operatives.

(2) Turkey and Qatar must be pressured or forced to stop funding the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the world.

(3) ISIS/Al Qaeda must be destroyed in the over 15 countries in which they operate.

(4) The Saudis must stop funding US universities and must reform/modernize their educational system domestically as well as worldwide.

In net, the Muslim world must learn to accept and co-exist with non-Muslims such as Jews, Christians, and Hindus.

A major concerted effort by the US would obviously be required to accomplish this feat.

If the Trump Administration were to make this heroic decision, the “deal of the century “ could then make genuine progress in helping the key Middle East countries modernize and join Western Civilization!

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