Home Preview: WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP ISRAEL? – Ken’s Thought of the Week

Preview: WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP ISRAEL? – Ken’s Thought of the Week

Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)


Israel has been fighting a war for its existence since 1948. Since October 7, 2023, it has been fighting for its survival.  The first war in 1948, against six Arab armies supported by the British, won Israel’s independence. This most recent war is to defeat the radical Islamist Iran and its proxies in the region. While Israel will have to continue fighting, the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran is undeterred and bolder than ever. On April 14, for the first time, it attacked Israel directly with hundreds of drones and ballistic and cruise missiles. This time, Israel was prepared and survived. But the war is far from over.

The Israeli economy of nearly $550 billion grew 6% in 2022 but fell 2% in 2023. Economic growth in 2024 is forecast to be 2%, half the country’s usual growth rate of 4%. Enormous economic and physical burdens are being placed on the standing army of about 150,000 soldiers and the reserve forces of about 350,000. Most businesses are suffering. Tourism has significantly slowed down. The south of Israel will revive itself, but the north is still challenged until Hezbollah is moved nearly 10 miles north to the Litani River and the 100,000 residents of the north can return to their homes. The lack of venture capital financing will challenge young startups. Student schedules will be disrupted by army reserve duty. However, the 750 local military contractors will witness spectacular growth as the Ministry of Defense dramatically steps up armament manufacturing to partially wean the military from American and other increasingly unreliable suppliers.While Israel is consumed by fighting to save the Jewish State and Western civilization, without a strong Israel, Jews and, eventually, Christians will be hunted down worldwide by Islamists and the radical Left. Therefore, Jews and Christians from all over the world should do their best to support Israel.

Here are 20 activities that Jews and Christians can engage in to help ameliorate the economic situation in Israel and support the spirit of its brave citizens:

1) Visit Israel often, either alone or with friends’ political or religious missions. Teach yourself about the situation. Visit struggling communities and provide comfort. Buy products and services whenever appropriate. Buy Israeli art, fashion, and jewelry for yourself, your children, and your relatives. Enjoy Israeli restaurants, cultural events, and entertainment.

2) If possible, buy a second home in Israel now with extra reasonable prices.

3) Buy Israeli products online from the convenience of your home. Ask your local wine store or restaurant to carry a broader array of Israeli wines. Ask your pharmacy to fill your prescriptions with Teva and other Israeli-sourced products.4) Consider investing in an Israeli venture capital fund.

5) Generously contribute to non-profit groups such as the Friends of the IDF, Israel Independence Fund, and American Friends of Likud, all of which are now focused on meeting the unique needs (not weapons, which is the sole responsibility of the IDF) of the soldiers who fight for Israel.

6) Educate yourself by reading numerous books and websites on national security such as:

The MultiFront War
The Soros Agenda

Hamas: The Story of Islamic Jihad on Israel’s Front Lines

Hamas, CAIR, and the Muslim Brotherhood: The Plot to Destroy America

Also see recommendations at Recommended books | Save The West

7) Increase financial contributions to national security think tanks in Israel and America, as these organizations can educate policymakers and the public.

8) Use your rapidly increasing knowledge to educate your friends and family. Don’t be shy! Speak up!

9) Befriend your local political leaders and educate them on critical national security issues.

10) Make sure your children’s schools are not teaching false narratives about our numerous enemies and domestic issues.

11) Do not tolerate antisemitism and anti-Christian behavior in the workforce, schools, or anywhere else in society.

12) Listen to numerous webinars that bring notable speakers and ideas directly to you.

13) Legally arm yourself with side arms or simply non-lethal pellet guns. Be sure to hire professionals to teach you how to handle weapons safely, and join a gun club if you can so you can practice with your handgun or rifle.

14) Stay alert at all times, as the forces of evil never rest.

15) Write letters to the editor of your favorite newspapers. Do not be afraid to defend your rights in the face of authoritarian bullies and antisemites.

16) Plan for special occasions in Israel, such as Bar Mitzvahs, honeymoons, anniversaries, and birthdays.

17) Invite Israeli speakers to your local synagogue or church to educate yourself and the congregation.

18) Support your local newspapers ‘if deserving’, as well as Israeli news services. Dramatically increase your number of paid subscriptions, to such publications as “The Jewish Voice”. Place advertisements for your own business in worthy Jewish news sites.

19) Write to your Congressmen and request they publicly demand the US continue offensive and defensive arms sales to Israel and support it at the UN unconditionally

20) Christian friends of Israel should comment to or criticize any Christian friend who makes an antisemitic comment.

This is the time to pull out all the stops. Israel needs and deserves our help and investment. We have 3,800 years of history and challenges to defend. Onward to victory!