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Securing US Election Is Crucial – Ken’s Thought of the Week



By Ken Abramowitz.  

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Editor: Rachel Ehrenfeld, Founder, American Center for Democracy

With less than a month before the November 3 election, Americans are facing serious challenges as they assess the future direction of their country.

Insurrectionist, anarchist, and communist groups such as Antifa, and Marxist/Maoist groups led by Black Lives Matter (BLM), are rioting, looting, and burning down mostly Democrat-run cities, and attacking and harassing individuals at random. They claim their violence is justified by the lack of “social justice” in America, and is compounded by “social inequality” and “systemic racism”. These groups are also given encouragement and support, either directly and indirectly, by the Democrat party in order to increase confusion and nourish the seeds of a racial war. The rioters are enabled by the Democrat mayors and governors in the states they are attacking, and even by Democrat candidates, up to and including the Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

These groups are funded by wealthy individuals, major corporations, and secret donors with deep pockets, leading corporations and left-wing not-for-profit foundations in the US and abroad. They are also reported to be receiving financial support and/or advice from our adversaries, such as China, Russia, Iran, and others.

The movement to send massive quantities of mail-in ballots in Democrat precincts aims to discourage in-person voting. The lack of experience with mail-in ballots is already creating problems, and the sheer number of ballots invites wide-spread voter fraud and promises to delay voting results for weeks or even months. America’s key domestic security agencies do not seem to be doing enough to calm the situation, or to restore peace to our streets and ensure a smooth electoral process.

And what are ancillary agencies like the Federal Elections Committee and Interior Department’s Law Enforcement arm doing? What should they do to bring about the best possible outcome? We at Save The West have some suggestions:

1) The Department of Justice (DOJ) and White House should formally designate Antifa and BLM as domestic terrorist organizations. This designation should include all their affiliated organizations, as well as their funders, who should be indicted for providing material support for terrorism.

2) The Treasury Department should remove the tax-exempt status of the foundations and organizations that are funding these terrorist operations.

3) The Department of Interior should double the size of the Park Police, who are charged with providing law enforcement in all federal parks in Washington, DC, New York City, and San Francisco. The DOJ should also double the size of the U.S. Federal Marshals Service, which currently has barely more than 5,000 deputies and business professionals, and serves as a federal law enforcement agency within the U.S. Department of Justice, and under the direction of the Attorney General. This agency is the enforcement arm of the United States federal courts.

4) The Department of Justice should sue the Mayors, City Council members, and Governors of cities and states that defund their police and do not protect the Constitutional rights of the vast majority of the people who are law abiding citizens.

5) The DOJ should expand the number of anarchist designated cities, and cut back federal financing to them.

6) The National Guard should be placed on alert, ready to be activated by the State Governors. If the Governors do not act on a timely basis, the President should federalize the National Guard, as he is authorized to do under the Insurrection Act of 1807. This has been done in the past by a number of Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush.

7) The DOJ should sue States that create electoral regulations that lead to likely massive voter fraud, such as inadequate voter ID and citizenship verification, universal mail-in ballots, and vote harvesting.

8) The DOJ should also investigate high profile vote-buying schemes, such as the one funded by Mayor Bloomberg in Florida, and the vote harvesting scheme in the district of Representative Ilhan Omar, that was uncovered by Project Veritas.

9) The Trump re-election campaign should monitor major mainstream news outlets to rate the time with which they support Democrat versus Republican ideas and candidates. The results should be made public twice per week.

10) The DOJ should monitor major social media outlets and search engines every day for attempts to censor conservative opinions, which could affect the outcome of the November 3 elections. If  corrupting behavior is found, they should then sue the social media companies involved.

In 2020, we are not witnessing ‘normal’ elections.  The Democrat party has been influenced by wealthy left-wing political patrons to impose a communist/socialist agenda. They are using methods whose purpose is to steal the election with masses of fraudulent mail-in votes, and then reject the results if they lose. They no longer play according to our democratic norms.

Of course, both parties obviously have the right to run in a fair election. However, the election should actually be fair and largely in person, according to the Constitution and the rule of law.

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