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Op-Ed: The New Axis of Evil: Iran, China, Russia and North...

This unholy group of countries have declared war on democracy. None of our leaders of either party want to admit that we are in World War III, or the existential threats America faces.

IRAN MUST BE CONFRONTED NOW – Ken’s Thought of the Week

As tensions heat up around the world, Iran is doing its part. What can democracies do to protect themselves from Iran and its evil partners, China, Russia, and North Korea?

Freedom Lessons from Passover – Ken’s Thought of the Week

What lessons can we learn today from the Passover story? QAnd who are the Pharaohs, the tyrants, who threaten our freedoms today

Western Civilization in Peril – Ken’s Thought of the Week

If America's status as a superpower is damaged, would it (or could it) still send out the 'cavalry' when it was needed or called?

How can Israel best fight the cultural war? – Rachel Avraham

STW contributor Rachel Avraham analyzes the multi-faceted threats facing Israel, and the urgent need for its leaders to create a Cultural Defense Minister position in the new government.

Cultural Safety Has Domestic and Foreign Challenges: Ken’s Thought of the...

This week, Ken follows up on previous articles, with recommendations for both domestic and international advisers for both the Red and Green Task Forces.

Cultural Advisor Crucial to National Security: Ken’s Thought Of The Week

This week, following up on his previous recommendations, Ken explains why President Trump needs to appoint a Cultural Adviser, to coordinate the Red & Green Task Forces.

The Red Task Force Needs Direction: Ken’s Thought of The Week

This week, Ken explains why President Trump needs to appoint a Red Task Force as soon as possible, what its mission should be, and the questions it will work to answer.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: Negotiating with dictators

This week, Ken and STW editor-videographer Jon Sutz examine the prospect of the U.S. negotiating peaceful solutions with various dictatorships -- most notably, the messianic terrorists who rule Iran.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: A comprehensive peace plan for the...

This week, Ken submits a framework for a workable Middle East peace plan that addresses not only the immediate concerns, but a broader network of considerations that will enable it to be sustainable.