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Dr. Ehrenfeld: Soros’ Anti-Israel Funding

STW contributor Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld examines billionaire George Soros's long history of funding groups hostile to Jews, and the very existence of Israel, and the means by which this support occurs.

A Rational Deal for the Irrational Middle East: Ken’s Thought of...

This week, Ken and STW consulting editor-videographer Jon Sutz analyze President Trump's Peace To Prosperity plan, and address its pluses and negatives.

STW video: “HuffPost’s lies, hate speech, and incitement to violence exposed”

This new, 4-minute video exposes how HuffPost, which insists it is a nonpartisan newspaper, spreads hate speech against its political enemies, and incites and justifies violence, to advance its radical leftist agenda.

Why does Facebook enable Palestinians to incite & glorify anti-Semitic terrorism,...

This special report documents the fact that Facebook knowingly, willfully enables Palestinian users to egregiously violate its ethical policies -- specifically, in the context of inciting, glorifying and justifying terrorism against Jews -- while banning users who merely voice opinions on terrorism-related matters.

[UPDATED] Why does MSN News spread anti-Semitic propaganda?

This special report documents incidents in which MSN News has published an array of vicious anti-Israel propaganda and libels, most of which are rooted in anti-Semitism.

When is a condemnation not a condemnation?

Mahmoud Abbas is a U.S. taxpayer-funded master of doubletalk on terrorism. His "condemnation" of a Palestinian terrorist's grisly murder of Jews in a Jerusalem synagogue is the latest example.