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Ken’s Thought Of The Week: Recommendations for how to deal with Iran, North Korea, and US allies



All negotiating strategies with adversaries involve a combination of “carrots and sticks.” Used in the right proportions, deals can be consummated, assuming the adversary is rational.

If roadblocks are reached, the winning side must increase the level of “sticks.”

For example, a deal with North Korea is obtainable, as it is using its nuclear capability in order to obtain desperately-needed economic aid.  North Korea is not using nuclear weapons to destroy America or take over the world — at least not yet.

On the other hand, North Korea is believed to receive $2-3 billion each year from Iran, its partner in the development of nuclear weapons, and the means by which to deliver them to targets. It is important to note that until 2015, Iran was economically crippled, the result of the mullahs’ tyrannical rule, and widespread Western sanctions; then, President Obama’s “deal” with the regime provided it with an estimated $150 billion in cash, which enabled it to accellerate its worldwide terror-funding projects.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani meets with North Korea’s ceremonial head of state, Kim Yong Nam (Photo: Reuters).

In contrast to North Korea, Iran does want nuclear weapons in order to take over the world, or blackmail us into submission.

Therefore, if the U.S. wants to win in its negotiations, it must increase the level of sticks for both North Korea and Iran, simultaneously, by doing the following:

(1) President Trump has publicly called for “maximum pressure” on Iran and North Korea. Now is the time to actually implement this strategy.

(2) The U.S. goal should be to bankrupt both North Korea and Iran in 2019.

(3) The U.S. should tell trading partners that they can trade with the U.S. or North Korea/Iran, but not both. (In contrast to President Obama’s use of U.S. taxpayer money to send Secretary of State John Kerry on visits throughout Europe, to literally help drum up business for Iran’s mullahs.)

(4) For North Korea, the U.S.’s goal should be to negotiate a better deal. For the fanatical religious rulers of Iran, our goal should be regime change.

(5) The U.S. should insist that all of our trading partners end diplomatic relations with Iran, the #1 state sponsor of anti-American and anti-Western terrorism. The U.S. should also close every Iranian-financed and -controlled Islamist (Muslim supremacist) mosque in America (estimated at 25 or more), then insist that all allies do the same. Allies should also be pressured to close down Iranian-financed schools, cultural centers, and media outlets.

(6) Iran should be removed from the U.N. for preaching genocide against the U.S. and Israel. In fact, the mullahs were leading public chants of “Death To America!” as it was negotiating the nuclear “deal” with the Obama administration. The following video chant, led by Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei, was captured on July 12, 2015, several months before Obama’s “deal” with the mullahs was allowed to proceed by the U.S. Senate.

(7) Former U.S. diplomats should be put on notice that if they in any way attempt to help Iran evade the sanctions that we’ve put in place, as former Secretary of State John Kerry has reportedly been doing, they will be referred to the Department of Justice for prosecution under the Logan Act.

Fighting enemies culturally, economically, legally, and demographically is not easy, but it is very doable.

The alternative is to fight physically, which is also doable, but obviously far less predictable, or desirable.

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