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HOPES FOR THE JEWISH NEW YEAR – Ken’s Thought of the...

It is time for the forces of 'good' to oppose and defeat the forces of 'evil' everywhere! In honor of the Jewish New Year, we at Save The West have created a list of hopes for the forthcoming year.

OP-ED: How Naftali Bennett Betrayed and Deceived the Israeli people

The author explains why it is indisputable that Bennett betrayed the Israeli people and deceived Yamina voters with broken promises and lies.

Israel’s New Government Faces a Crisis of Legitimacy – Ken’s Thought...

Israel's current dysfunctional government coalition seems unable to tackle the big issues. Here's what we think the Bennett government should do.

How can Israel best fight the cultural war? – Rachel Avraham

STW contributor Rachel Avraham analyzes the multi-faceted threats facing Israel, and the urgent need for its leaders to create a Cultural Defense Minister position in the new government.

The Judicial/Political Coup In Israel Is Outrageous: Ken’s Thought of the...

This week, Ken examines the continuing struggle in Israel to form a new government, and makes recommendations for preventing such problems in the future.

Who can lead Israel better: Likud, or Blue and White?

New STW contributor Rachel Avraham analyzes tomorrow's Israeli election, the candidates, and why she supports re-electing Benjamin Netanyahu.