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Ken’s Thought Of The Week: The four key false narratives of our time



The USA just spent over two years discussing the false narrative of the Russia-Trump collusion hoax. It was a big waste of time, and money.

But what are the other consequences? For example, we had no time to discuss Russia’s use of KGB tactics to unethically insert “active measures “ that destabilize both of our parties and negatively impact our democracy, in general.

Furthermore, and even more seriously, we distracted ourselves from analyzing and impeding the growth of the four major false narratives that continuously cloud Americans’ minds and confuse our decision-making processes, which are:

  • That the Muslim Brotherhood is a peaceful, benevolent organization
  • Socialism
  • Globalism
  • Isolationism

Let us examine each, in summary:

The Muslim Brotherhood, to the uninitiated, sounds like a purely benevolent organization, like the Peace Corps, the National Organization for Women, or Rotary International.  In reality, the Muslim Brotherhood (“MB”) is the seedbed organization from which every major Islamist terrorist group sprouted, including ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and many others. This is why the Muslim leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates have declared the MB a terrorist organization, and pledge to do everything in their power to help wipe it out (see much more info on the MB in the Additional Reading section). This is also why President Trump is on the cusp of also declaring the MB a terrorist organization, and joining this fight. This six-minute video by the Middle East Forum gives an introductory overview to this reality:

Socialism is the false narrative that personifies the politics of envy, which therefore causes the creation of policies that seek the division of the economic “pie,” instead of the growth of the “pie.” Learn more in the fascinating e-book, “The 10 Biggest Lies of Socialism,” by Americans for Prosperity. Download a free copy here.

Globalism is the false narrative that unelected global elites are more capable of governing than elected local country officials.

Isolationism is the false narrative that says if we do not confront our foreign enemies abroad, we will be safer at home.

In conclusion, when we focus on false narratives, we lose our political bandwidth to confront the key issues of our day.

As they say in baseball, “Keep your eye on the ball!”

Unfortunately for the past two years, Americans took our collective eye off the ball.

Let’s stop this silliness and focus again on the epic battle of good vs. evil.

Let’s focus on winning!

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