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Exposing the NY Times’s latest blood libel against the IDF &...

This special report by STW editor Jon Sutz presents the facts that the NYT had to ignore, in order to parrot Islamist terror propaganda against the IDF -- that it's best known for "pioneering cutting-edge ways to kill people and blow things up"

Letters to major news organizations’ top executives regarding STW’s “Madonna &...

STW sent letters to the heads of the five "news" organizations profiled in our recent special investigative report by editor Jon Sutz: "The U.S. 'news' media depicts an American terrorist and her son as 'Madonna & Child'"

Special report: The U.S. “news” media depicts an American terrorist and...

Before they started acting as this terrorist's volunteer PR team, did these mainstream "news" organs really not know what Yazidi rape slaves said about how ISIS wives - like her - brutalized them? A special report by Jon Sutz.

Deconstructing the NY Times’ star Middle East “reporter”

SaveTheWest contributor Sam Solomon exposes the New York Times' star Middle East "reporter" Judi Rudoren for her myriad distortions, and omissions, in regards to her attempt to rebut a former AP reporter's expose on the systemic anti-Israel bias that drives so many newsrooms in America, and beyond.