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Biden Transforms America from Force of Good into Force of Evil...

It took only eight months for the Biden Administration to convert America, the greatest force of 'good' in the world, into a force of 'evil'.

New Administration Declares War on Our Children – Ken’s Thought of...

The Declaration of Independence says the government must protect Life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. But the new radical-socialist Biden government ignores our founding documents.

VIDEO: SaveTheWest.com sent a “Non-Living American” to the Univ. of Virginia...

Meet "Emmett Croaker," SaveTheWest.com's representative Non-Living American. Emmett recently visited the University of Virginia to hand out literature about our new "social justice" campaign, "The Coalition for Non-Living Americans," to stand up for the right of dead voters.

Research file: Harassment of social justice warriors who are registering Non-Living...

A compilation of news stories describing how social justice warriors are being harassed, investigated and prosecuted, due to unjust, "deceased-ophobic" laws that claim only living U.S. citizens are eligible to vote.

Research file: Harassment of social justice warriors who are trying to...

A potpourri of articles about the mean-spirited extremists who insist only U.S. citizens should be allowed to vote in our elections (and only once each), and are harassing the social justice warriors who disagree.