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The American Revolution


As recent surveys demonstrate, even the most “educated” Americans know practically nothing about the most basic aspects of the revolution that gave us our freedom, and changed the world. To help remedy this situation, Save The West will provide easy, convenient pathways to learning more about this miraculous story of human courage, creativity, and determination.

This particular video is the first in a very high-quality series, which will automatically play in sequence.


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Jon Sutz was the Consulting Editor & Videographer of SaveTheWest.com from 2014 through August 2020. Jon is a liberty-oriented multimedia graphic designer, writer and creative consultant, based in Charlottesville, VA (jonsutz.com). Most recently, Jon authored his first book, about the dog that helped to save his life after 9/11, "Saved By Shayna: Life Lessons From A Miracle Dog," and is creating an activism campaign to help prevent dogs from suffering in hot cars: HeatKills.org.