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Ken’s Thought of the Week: Defending ourselves from Islamists is a...

This week, Ken, along with STW editor Jon Sutz and contributor Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, together examine America's efforts to defend herself from Islamists, in a current and historical context.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: Hong Kong implications are big

This week, Ken discusses the Hong Kong protests, and why the courageous activists leading it represent the front line of the fight against the dictatorships that are determined to conquer the world.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: Did the EU Learn Anything from...

This week, Ken and STW editor-videographer Jon Sutz point out how European nations' refusal to deal with existential threats led to WW2 - and are now leading to WW3.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: European anti-Semitism is out of control,...

This week, Ken and STW editor-videographer Jon Sutz expose the Jew-hatred behind the European Union's plan to label Israeli products - while it ignores the world's worst human rights-violating nations.

Letters to major news organizations’ top executives regarding STW’s “Madonna &...

STW sent letters to the heads of the five "news" organizations profiled in our recent special investigative report by editor Jon Sutz: "The U.S. 'news' media depicts an American terrorist and her son as 'Madonna & Child'"

Special report: The U.S. “news” media depicts an American terrorist and...

Before they started acting as this terrorist's volunteer PR team, did these mainstream "news" organs really not know what Yazidi rape slaves said about how ISIS wives - like her - brutalized them? A special report by Jon Sutz.

SPECIAL REPORT: Democrats routinely employed what they now say is “white...

Until 2016, Democrats made some of the most emphatic, principled arguments for strong U.S. border security, and to combat illegal immigration. Why do they now claim such statements are "white nationalist" language?


Top Democrats claim a security wall at the U.S. border would be "immoral & ineffective." So why do Hollywood celebrities - Dems' biggest donors & supporters - all live behind walls?

Nine vital numbers regarding President Trump’s $5 billion funding request for...

False claims abound regarding the $5 billion President Trump seeks for a border wall. In this special report, STW editor Jon Sutz presents essential numbers and facts that every American should know about this issue.

Who benefits from the lies being spread about the “caravans”?

Some of the most influential "news" media, politicians & activists are lying about the "caravans" of marchers headed to the U.S. border. This report by Jon Sutz exposes the reality - and who benefits from these lies.