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Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)


The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) was established in 1979, following a coup against the Shah. The new government immediately declared “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

On October 7, 2023, Hamas, Iran’s Sunni proxy in Gaza, attacked Israel. Thousands of Hamas terrorists flooded into southern Israel, massacred 1,200 Israeli civilians, 300 soldiers and policemen, and took 240 hostages. Their killing spree was stopped by the IDF within 2 days, but the Hamas death cult has not changed its intention to kill all the 10 million people living in Israel. That’s what their Charter says and that‘s what they plan to do. Other infidels (Christian, Hindus, etc.) will also be killed or subjugated. Hamas has been financed by Iran, Qatar, and Turkey, and supported by China and Russia.

The October 7 attack on Israel should be remembered as the official beginning of World War III.Israel maintains the strongest armed forces in the Middle East. Yet it was surprised and overwhelmed by a mini army using tactics from the 7th century, when Islam began.

Israel allocates 5% of its GDP to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The US allocates  3% of its GDP on defense, and European nations only 2%. Israel also spends another 5% of GDP to internal security forces, for a total of 10%. Within the next two years, Israel’s defense spending will exceed 15%. This step up would imply spending growth of 25% annually for at least 2 years in a row, versus traditional 3-5% annual growth.

Why did Israel not assign 15% of its GDP to national security before October 7? Because like other Democracies, Israel preferred funding those public services that the people voted for and demanded. It was only after the war began that the proper resources were redirected to national defense. In retrospect, Israel was clearly under-investing in national security by 30%.

What are the implications for other democracies?

1) All democracies are under-investing in national defense by as much as 30%. They should not wait until attacked, as Israel did in 2023 and the US did in 1941 and 2001.2) Funding upgrades must be made to both internal security and external security.

3) The gross mismanagement by the democracies has emboldened key dictatorships to seek to take over the world. China and Russia, as well as Iran and Qatar, now think in terms of world domination. They use different strategies, but their goal is to defeat Western democracies.

4) These authoritarian governments use a mix of the seven keys forms of warfare: kinetic, chemical/biological, cultural, economic, legal, demographic, and cyber-space. Therefore, democracies must adjust their strategies and financing accordingly in order to defend themselves and win.

5) All democracies must reorganize their defense establishments to adopt this new war footing, just as Israel has been forced to do.6) All democracies must immediately close their borders to illegal immigration and protect themselves from foreign invasion.

7) All democracies must double and triple the production of key weapons systems. Given the 2-10 years lag time in procuring such weapons, spending must be allocated now.

8) All democracies must designate one top official, reporting directly to the President or Prime Minister, to coordinate all foreign and domestic policy, and to quickly adjust and ready themselves for World War III.These recommended strategies are very difficult for democracies to announce and implement – considering the bloated but popular entitlement spending that has already been promised. But the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel should serve as a warning to all democracies. We cannot afford a modern-day Pearl Harbor! So, get ready now!