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Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld on BLM’s little-known ties to Palestinian groups



The following are excerpts from two new articles by STW contributor Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld at her website, American Center for Democracy:

The BDS and The Palestinians’ Alliance with BLM

Since the founding of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in 2013, the delegitimization (DLG) network against Israel and its activists have embarked on a propaganda campaign that draws parallels between police violence in the US against African Americans and violence against Palestinians by the Israel Police and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). This fictitious parallel is part of a strategic attempt by the delegitimization network to entrench itself and the BDS movement as a focal point of the progressive movement.

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Intersectionality posits that no form of discrimination is distinct from another. This includes discrimination that emanates from capitalism, white supremacy, government, prison and justice systems, the police force, colonialism, gender hetero-normativity, and other institutionalized norms.

After the killing of George Floyd, DLG activists immediately began drawing comparisons with what they describe as systematic and deadly Israeli brutality against Palestinians. The comparisons were given further impetus in the wake of the May 30th killing of Iyad Halak, an autistic Palestinian from East Jerusalem, by Israeli police in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Ahmed Eldin, Instagram, deleted post, published 06/02/2020

The image below, typifying the campaign, depicts a photoshopped image of George Floyd on the West Bank security barrier.

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BLM’s Association with Terrorist-Linked BDS Groups (part II)

Organizations and activists participating in the delegitimization campaign against Israel, support the boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement, and expressly support US-designated Palestinian terror organizations, have strategically entrenched themselves in partnerships with Black Lives Matter (BLM) since the establishment of the movement in 2013.1

By successfully creating coalitions with BLM, the delegitimization network has infiltrated and influenced the BLM agenda to openly support BDS and other anti-Israel causes. These include an explicit call for the divestment from Israel, which was featured prominently in the 2016 BLM platform, sending BLM delegations to the West Bank to protest the Israeli military and meeting with BDS leaders and convicted Palestinian terrorists. Several BLM founders and prominent leaders are connected to delegitimization organizations. These same leaders have gone beyond the call to divest from Israel or to oppose the United States (US) military-aid to Israel and have advocated for Palestinian terrorists and terror groups.

BLM Anti-Israel Policy Platforms

In 2016, BLM released a series of policy platforms, listing their political objectives. One of the platforms, “A Cut in US Military Expenditures and A Reallocation of those Funds to Invest in Domestic Infrastructure and Community Wellbeing,” cites the delegitimization (DLG) organizations Adalah, The US Campaign to End the Occupation, and Dream Defenders as organizations “currently working on policy.”2 According to the platform:

“The US justifies and advances the global war on terror via its alliance with Israel and is complicit in the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people … Israel is an apartheid state with over 50 laws on the books that sanction discrimination against the Palestinian people … Everyday, Palestinians are forced to walk through military checkpoints along the US funded apartheid wall.”3

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Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is one of America’s most noted economic warfare and counter-terrorism scholars, who runs the American Center for Democracy and its Economic Warfare Institute. She has published hundreds of articles, numerous white papers and several books, including “Funding Evil” – How Terrorism is Financed; and How to Stop It.” She successfully lobbied New York and Congress to enact laws to protect American journalists, scholars, writers and publishers from the enforcement of foreign libel judgements in the U.S. Her efforts resulted in the passage of NY’s “Rachel’s Law” (2008), and the federal SPEECH Act, signed into law by Pres. Obama in 2010.




  1. This is a classic of all pseudo-revolutionary groups and movements. In view of their small number, it is necessary to look for their own kind to increase the general background of their activities.
    For Mass-media and interested sponsors to pay attention, and there will always be interested sponsors. Catch a fish in troubled water. The most famous is Soros, an anti-Semite and an enemy of democracy! By the way, modern democrats have always secretly supported such.

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