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Anarchists, Communists, Socialists: Masters of Deception: Ken’s Thought of the Week




By Ken Abramowitz

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One of the most insidious developments in the attack against America, that is raging in our streets today and stalling any progress in Congress, has come from the alliance of the radical left (the anarchists, the Marxists, the communists, and the progressive socialists) whom we call “the Reds”, and the Islamists, whom we call “the Greens.” This cooperation has become known as the Red-Green Axis. Both groups have openly stated their goal to take over the United States and other Western democracies.

Operating under various banners, including Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and more than a hundred anarchist/communist/socialist organizations, these groups are waging war on America’s cities and against the American people. In Congress, this is manifest in the alliance between the socialists, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ayana Pressley (D-MA) and the Islamists Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI).

Although they come from radically different ideologies, both the Reds and the Greens share the aim of eliminating free speech and the rule of law, as embodied in our Constitution. They say they want to replace them with their own version of the law (Marxism/Leninism/Maoism and socialism for the Left, and Shariah for the Islamists). Those goals deny minority rights, undermine “our way of life,” and contradict the foundations of all Western style democracies, and we should oppose them loudly and publicly.

The American Public, “We the People”, are already repelled by the chaos, the riots, and the enormous damage that they have already caused. If the people leading the Red-Green Axis get their way, they promise to cancel the U.S. Constitution and all the freedoms that it guarantees. If that should happen, America as we know it would be lost.

To stop the enemies of Western Civilization, the destroyers of democracy and freedom, we must be able to recognize and denounce their tactics of deception, which the Islamists define as taqiyya (lying). Deception is crucial because the population would never accept the end results that these wannabe autocrats would deliver.

We have identified ten forms of such deception that are being carried out in different ways by the Marxists, the anarchists, the socialists, and the Islamists:

(1) They target the emotions of the audience in the name of ‘resistance’. For example, flag kneeling, identity politics, “social justice,” demonstrations that pretend to fight alleged “systemic racism”, and using the term “climate change” to promote their agenda – all open-ended campaigns that are not supported by any clear evidence or guided by any endpoints.

(2) They change the meaning of the words they use in order to transform reality in order to promote their ideology. For example, many leftists use the word “progressive” to describe themselves, but the way they apply it actually describes “regressive” behavior, because they disdain democracy and want to take us backwards, to a time when the dictator or king held all the power, while the people had no power at all. They also use the term “hate speech” to refer to everything said by their opponents that they don’t like.

(3) They indignantly deny the truth, and purposely omit or alter incriminating evidence in order to retain their power and maintain a veil of credibility. We saw this during the Obama administration in the Benghazi coverup, in Hillary Clinton’s personal e-mail coverup, in the Russia-collusion coverup, and in the fog of the impeachment hearings in Washington.

(4) They ridicule and demean the goals and actions of Republicans and conservatives, or anyone else who finds fault with them or disagrees with their ideology. For example, the Democrats say that Trump grossly “mismanaged” the COVID-19 pandemic by responding late (even though he was the first national leader to stop travel from China), and called him a racist for doing that, while they themselves dismissed the severity of the virus. They accused him of misusing his influence over newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, when the one who actually did that (when he was Obama’s Vice President), and even bragged about it, was Joe Biden.

(5) They lie by using clearly false narratives. Several week ago, I and STW editor Jon Sutz constructed a deeply-researched article exposing many of these false narratives:

Lies, Slander, Distortions, False Narratives Proliferating, but Must be Challenged: Ken’s Thought of the Week – Save The West

(6) They support or acquiesce to unethical boycotts, intimidation, and reverse racism. For example, they support the Communist, Maoist, and the Antifa/BLM “cancel culture,” the anti-Israel BDS movement, and anti-Semitic slander campaign, even when it comes from members of Congress like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. And they also support strongly racist attitudes by blacks against whites, on whom they blame all the evils of their world, but ignore black-on-black crime which is rampant in most large cities across the country.

(7) They express gross exaggeration of problems, like the way they blame White Supremacists for inflaming racial tensions. And while a recent State Department report revealed a growing concern that the threat of racist and anti-Semitic terrorism from white supremacist groups is “on the rise and spreading geographically”, they still represent a very small part of the problem, and have little to no support from either the public or the politicians. Both the Reds and the Greens accuse “whites” (who represent 73.6% of the population in America, according to the U.S. Census Bureau) with broad and groundless accusations of “systemic racism” and “white privilege”.

(8) They claim to feel compassion toward the people they call the victims of white privilege, but ignore them or worse – hurt them – when they riot in the streets. They pretend to care about inner-city children, but then deny them school choice that could raise the level of their education, and ignore the daily shootings that leave too many of them dead, murdered in random cross-fire in their own neighborhoods. They pretend to care about the 10% uninsured population, and then propose “Medicare for All,” that would inevitably become an underfunded “Medicaid for All”. Such a socialist plan would nationalize the health insurance industry, and give coverage to everyone who is a US resident, including illegal immigrants, in a ‘single payer system’. It would also make it illegal for anyone to sell private health insurance that covers the benefits offered by Medicare for All or eliminate all private insurance completely. And only the government could choose the provider with, inevitably, fewer providers for all. Such a system could cost the government as much as $34 trillion or more over its first 10-years.

(9) They defame those who believe in the Constitution. For example, they are ready to allow illegal immigrants and felons to be protected from law enforcement, and to receive government benefits paid for by taxpayers, and they vilify those who disagree and call them racists and Nazis. Then they use the sympathetic mainstream media and social media to defame as “racists” those who believe in the integrity of elections and the authority of the Constitution.

(10) They use “projection” to accuse Republicans of doing what the Democrats themselves are doing. For example, they accuse the Republicans of trying to interfere with the upcoming election in November by keeping voters from a wholesale ‘vote by mail’ operation. In reality, it is actually they who are trying to interfere with the elections, by demanding their universal ‘vote by mail’ program so they can carry out vote harvesting and illicit vote collection for Democrats by a massive mailing to all residents without sufficient oversight or verification.

These 10 forms of deception are part of the culture war that is taking place today in America. The Reds and Greens have declared war on our freedoms, our Constitutional rights and procedures, and the rule of law. It is urgent that the forces of democracy and freedom, the foundation of Western Civilization, rise up and defend ourselves vociferously. It is time to re-establish law and order in our cities, and put America back on track to be a model for the world.

Let’s get going!

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