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The New Axis of Evil: Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea

Iran, China, Russia and North Korea: They are on the offense 100 percent of the time. They are seeking world domination. They must be confronted and we have no clue how to confront them. We are in a state of war.

Op-Ed: How the Palestinian Authority Mismanages the Educational System

The Palestinians for decades have taught their children how to hate Israel and Jews. They teach the Palestinians to be martyrs, to kill and be killed. There are so many proofs for this wrong policy of the Palestinians, but it is in their schoolbooks, in their school plays.

Op-Ed: Would you like your Ferrari delivered to Gaza? How Luxury...

The people of Gaza are poor and many of them go hungry. Yet the Gazan elites, the leaders of Hamas and their families, have plenty and live the good life. The divide between rich and poor is stark.

The West Bank Elite Lives in Luxury: “LET THEM EAT CAKE”

. By Rachel Avraham In series of photos that Israeli human rights activist Kay Wilson displayed on Facebook several years ago, the living conditions within the...

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld on BLM’s little-known ties to Palestinian groups

STW contributor Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld presents extensive evidence of the little-known alliance between Black Lives Matter and various fervent anti-Israel groups, some with documented links to terrorist organizations.

Ken’s Letter to the WSJ Editor: The Promise of Trump’s Mideast...

On July 5, 2019, Ken sent this letter to the Wall St. Journal, criticizing President Trump's "Peace To Prosperity Plan" for the Middle East. It was not published, so we share it here.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: A real plan for peace in...

This week, Ken examines the ideological terrain into which President Trump has put forth a "deal of the century" for Middle East peace, and recommends preconditions that must be established before such a plan can have a reasonable chance of succeeding.

Virginia newspaper engages in anti-Semitic, jihad-whitewashing bias

Why would a newspaper rewrite a sourced headline about murderous Palestinian attacks on Jews, to imply it's just a tit-for-tat - then feature a sympathetic pictorial only of the attackers?