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Ken’s Thoughts of the Week: Negotiate with strength, consistently!



President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

By Ken Abramowitz, founder and president, SaveTheWest.com

Voters to President Trump: It’s OK to negotiate with bad guys, but reach agreements fast and without war, please!!!

Sounds like good advice, but too bad that negotiating life is not so simple.

Dictators can almost always wait out democracies, unless democracies act tough and consistently. To win, democracies must act to quickly bankrupt bad guys like North Korea and Iran, with an implied military threat on the table, and ready to go.

For adversaries or competitors like China and Russia, a consistent ratcheting of sanctions and tariffs should be enough to gain their attention. For pretend-allies that act like enemies, such as Muslim Brotherhood financing Turkey, an attack on their currency is a good way to change their bad behavior.

Simultaneously with these hardball tactics, the USA must demonstrate strength throughout the world.

Unfortunately, the Trump administration misunderstands strategic options relative to genuine allies like Israel, which unknowingly undermines its worldwide negotiations with the wide variety of bad guys:

  • The USA allowed competitor Russia to reassert Syrian control over southern Syria, instead of defending the rebels there who created a buffer zone for Israel.
  • The USA also encouraged Israel to negotiate an unworkable cease fire with the Muslim Brotherhood Hamas terror organization.
  • The USA is also trying to introduce a dead-on-arrival peace plan for the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which would senselessly entail some Israeli concessions.

The key point is consistency, Mr. President. Please stay tough everywhere simultaneously, without exception. The short-term political impact can be challenging, but the long-term success will be impressive indeed.

Americans love winners!!!