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HuffPost praises McCain in death – after viciously smearing him for 10 years


By Jon Sutz, Editor, SaveTheWest.com


  • Throughout 2008, HuffPost — which insists it is a completely objective, nonpartisan news site — published a vast series of vicious smears and libels against Sen. John McCain and his wife, Cindy, to help ensure he lost the presidential election to then-Sen. Barack Obama. During the following years it published follow-up smears against him.
  • Upon becoming president, Barack Obama began showering special favors on HuffPost, which helped catapult it into the top tier of Washington power players — and which it reciprocated in various ways over the next eight years.
  • Yet after Sen. McCain died, HuffPost treated him as a noble statesman, presumably because even though he was a Republican, he shared its visceral hatred of President Trump.

Since Sen. John McCain died on August 25, HuffPost has run numerous stories on its front page that contained praise for his character, principles and especially, and his outspoken activism against President Trump. A sampling:

Politicians Grieve John McCain’s Death With Touching Tributes, August 26, 2018.

John McCain Had A Tremendous Sense Of Humor, Especially About Himself, August 27, 2018.

7 Of The Most Heartbreaking Moments From Joe Biden’s Eulogy For John McCain, August 30, 2018.

If one arrived on Earth in the past few weeks, and only got their insight on current affairs from HuffPost, all this may seem completely in keeping with its oft-stated claim that it is a completely nonpartisan, objective news site.

In reality, however, HuffPost’s tributes to Sen. McCain were a jaw-dropping reversal from the ten preceding years it spent conjuring and publishing venomous smears against him and his wife, Cindy.  A sampling:

  • HuffPost gave top coverage to a proof-less, discredited rumor that Sen. McCain called his wife, Cindy, a “c*nt” — then refused to publish his vehement denial. Details here.
  • HuffPost repeatedly smeared Sen. McCain as a “racist” and a “white supremacist.” Details 1, 2, 3.
  • HuffPost called Cindy McCain “a dick,” trashed her looks, and mocked her addiction to painkillers. Details here.
  • HuffPost falsely claimed on multiple occasions that Sen. McCain was ignorant regarding vital domestic and foreign policy issues –when even cursory research showed that he was correct, and its “journalist” was either incompetent, or lying. Details 1, 2.
  • HuffPost implied Sen. McCain had lost his sanity, as a pretext for repeatedly demanding his medical records — which is the exact opposite of what it did in 2016 regarding Sec. Clinton’s obvious health problems. Details here.

HuffPost’s venomous smearing of Sen. McCain was part of its long pattern of inciting hate — and even violence — against Republicans and conservatives

What HuffPost did to Sen. McCain were not islolated incidents.  Rather, they were part of HuffPost’s long-term, continuing practice of viciously smearing – and even inciting and legitimizing physical violence against – conservatives, Republicans and most recently, supporters of President Trump.  A sampling of such incidents is presented in this short (4-minute) video, produced by SaveTheWest.com (supporting documentation here):

Everything that HuffPost did to Sen. McCain and his wife were egregious violations of its supposed nonpartisan standards and practices

Arianna Huffington

All of these acts and omissions are egregious violations of HuffPost’s publicly-proclaimed standards and practices, many of which were espoused by its namesake and Editor-In-Chief from 2005-2016, Arianna Huffington. A sampling:

  • “The Huffington Post has in place rigorous editorial policies & standards to ensure that we maintain the highest level of journalistic integrity.”
  • “If you’re looking for the usual flame-throwing, name-calling & simplistic attack dog rhetoric, don’t bother coming to HuffPost.”
  • “The editorial stance of the Huffington Post is to debunk the right-left way of thinking, which has become completely obsolete.”
  • “We embrace journalistic values like accuracy [and] fact checking.”
  • “At HuffPost there are guidelines that have to be followed — and they include a prohibition on conspiracy theories or inflammatory claims.”
  • “We are increasingly seen as an Internet newspaper, not positioned ideologically in terms of how we cover the news.”

Further, despite repeatedly denying that HuffPost was biased towards Obama in any way — Hillary Clinton’s campaign called it “a conveyor belt” of pro-Obama propaganda — eleven days after the election, Arianna Huffington finally admitted, to a British newspaper, the reality:

“I only text three people – my two teenage children and Barack Obama.”

The Obamas with Arianna Huffington, whose supposedly “nonpartisan” news site provided vital assistance to his ascent to the presidency.

All of this deception, incitement and bias is, and has been, visibly legitimized and enabled by advertising from many of America’s biggest corporations

Since its debut in 2005, HuffPost has employed such demonstrably false statements to sell advertising to major corporations, including including FidelitySprint, Ebay, Esurance (a division of Allstate), Volvo, AllianzCenturyLink and many others, whose brand images appear to be visibly enabling and legitimizing these malicious violations of this “news” site’s stated values. (One can only wonder whether such acts and omissions also violate the stated values of these shareholder-owned organizations who bought ads at HuffPost, possibly because of this deception.)

Further, the evidence shows that HuffPost was richly rewarded by President Obama for helping to derail Sen. McCain’s presidential run, by inciting such widespread hatred of him, based on lies. Examples include:

  • Obama engaged in what the Washington Post referred to as a “a pre-coordinated stunt” with a HuffPost “journalist” to give him preferred access during a presidential press conference. This “journalist” just happened to be the one who defended HuffPost’s publication of the false claim that Sen. McCain called his wife a “c*nt.” Details here.
  • During his first presidential press conference, Obama passed over actual news organizations to allow a HuffPost “journalist” to ask a question — which was completely off-topic. This “journalist” just happened to be the one wrote a major, false smear against Sen. McCain’s knowledge of vital foreign affairs issues. Details here.
  • Obama openly urged conservative college students to read HuffPost, before an audience of 92,000 people. Details here.
Headline from the top of HuffPost’s front page, on May 20, 2010, touting the fact that Obama explicitly urged students to read its “news” site.

All the above catapulted HuffPost from being a fringe leftist propaganda site into the top tier of Washington, DC power-players, and soon after, to be bought by AOL for $315 million.

The next climax of the incestuous, symbiotic relationship between the Obama White House and HuffPost occurred from 2013-2015, when it used lies, deception, bias and anti-Semitic incitement to help him to “sell” America on his Iran “nuclear” deal.

See the evidence file that supports this report, at:

“HuffPost’s history of venomous smears against Sen. McCain, and his wife, Cindy — for which it was richly rewarded by President Obama”