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Ken’s Thought of the Week: What is wrong with Europe?



What is wrong with Europe?

  • In the past two weeks, the United Kingdom (U.K.) tried to leave Europe for the third time, yet it is now no closer to doing so.
  • The European Union (E.U.) failed to follow President Trump’s lead, and recognize Israel’s right to the strategically-vital Golan Heights, even though it is the interests of the E.U. to do so.
  • The German Ambassador to the U.N. compared democratic ally Israel to the dictatorial Hamas terror organization.

Why is there such intellectual and policy confusion?

The sad fact is that Europe has been culturally invaded by the Red (leftist) and Green (Islamist) alliance. These two false narratives are increasingly replacing the traditional values of the population, such as:

  • Secularism – the separation of religion and state
  • Respect for the constitutions of each country
  • Each nation’s sovereignty over its borders and immigration policies

These values are being replaced by E.U. decisions, made by an unelected bureaucracy on behalf of 28 sovereign, individual countries.

Traditional Christian values have been weakened by confused teachers and priests, along with the influx of nearly two million Muslims, many of whom do not share Judeo-Christian values.

Europe needs to re-think its policies immediately, and make critical new decisions to save itself and its sound relationship with the U.S.

We should encourage, and watch for several signs of policy revival:

(1) Eastern Europe has decided to survive by closing its borders to new migrants. Let’s see if Western Europe can follow suit.

(2) Eastern Europe is trying to control its historical anti-Semitism and even grow its Jewish populations. Let’s see if Western Europe can follow suit.

(3) Eastern Europe is witnessing a new group of strong leaders, and new/bolder political parties which can challenge the complacent nature of the status quo parties. Let’s see if Western European countries can follow suit.

If changes are not made soon in Western Europe, the countries that comprise it will become ungovernable, due to the gigantic gap between Right and Left, as well as between Christians and Muslims. Over the next 25-50 years, these countries may well split up into autonomous zones and, even eventual warring parties. Certain countries will lose their Christian majorities.

These are serious issues to both Europe and the U.S., as we are following in Europe’s footsteps, but with a lag of one generation, or 25 years. We need strong US leadership now, to save us from the policies leading to the suicide of Western Europe!

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