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Remember The Treaty of Westphalia – Ken’s Thought of the Week

The Peace of Westphalia was the end of the 30 Year War. But it wasn't the end of wars. We simply haven't learned from our history, which keeps repeating itself.

Africa is Important: Ken’s Thought of the Week

This week, Ken addresses the Trump administration's report considerations to reduce the U.S. military footprint in Africa, and explains why it's a bad idea.

Ken’s Thought Of The Week: Brexit coming now

This week, Ken presents eight reasons why a successful Brexit in the very near future is so important to the future of the UK, and its special relationship with the U.S.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: What is wrong with Europe?

This week, Ken examines some of the major problems facing the UK, Western Europe and the E.U., the Eastern Europeans' efforts to preserve their cultures and freedom, and suggests things to watch for in the near future to indicate where the trends are heading.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: Recommendations regarding US approach to Iran

This week, Ken suggests ten steps President Trump can take to help further protect America and the free world from Iranian-sponsored terrorism and cultural subversion.

Europe and Islamism: Two timely items

The flow of refugees & migrants from fundamentalist Muslim countries attempting to enter W. Europe presents the continent with a variety of serious challenges, which, thanks to "political correctness," have become almost impossible to discuss in a civil, public way. These two important items break that silence.

Ken’s appearance on Israel’s i24 News, regarding Israel’s retaliatory strikes on...

STW founder and president Ken Abramowitz appeared on Israeli TV to discuss Iran's 40-year war on Western civilization, of which Israel is the Eastern border, the virtue of the Jewish state's fierce retaliatory strikes on Iranian bases in Syria, and his insights on the transitions occurring in the Arab world, to adopt Western values.