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Ken’s Thought of the Week: Recommendations regarding US approach to Iran



President Trump made three winning foreign policy moves in the past twelve months:

(1) He moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, which previous presidents committed to doing, but never did

(2) He canceled the inherently flawed Iran deal

(3) He recognized Israel’s control over the strategically critical Golan Heights, which Syria lost when it attacked the Jewish state in 1967, and again in 1973

These are great developments, but the President should not stop there!  There are at least ten additional winning U.S. moves that will hopefully follow:

(1) Declare that the Iranian government is an illegal, political (not religious) terror organization.

(2) Close all mosques in the United States, schools or business run by the Iranian terror organization, and expel all students financed by the Iranian government.

(3) Encourage all allies to close all Iranian-controlled mosques, schools, and cultural organizations in their countries.

(4) Tighten sanctions to bankrupt Iran by Dec 31, 2019.

(5) Close down Iran’s multi-state physical terror of over 150,000 agents.

(6) Close down Iran’s narco-terror organization of close to 100,000 agents.

(7) Close down Iran’s worldwide cultural terror organization of over 150,000 agents, imams, mosques, schools, news outlets, and books.

(8) Pressure all allies to stop trade and diplomatic relations with Iran.

(9) Force Iran out of the U.N. for promising “Death to America!” genocide against the U.S.

(10) Seek Iranian regime change, by empowering the 80% of the population who want to join Western Civilization.

Helping loyal ally Israel to win, while causing America’s #1 enemy, Iran to lose, sounds like a double winning strategy in 2019. Lets go!