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Ken’s Thoughts Of The Week: Bring back the Monroe Doctrine!



By Ken Abramowitz, founder and president, SaveTheWest.com

“Remember the Alamo!” “Remember the Maine!” “Day of Infamy!” Great battle cries from American history!

But what about the Monroe Doctrine?

James Monroe

The Monroe Doctrine was created by President James Monroe and Secretary of State John Quincy Adams in 1823 in order to announce a formal U.S. policy to oppose European colonialism in our Western Hemisphere. The Western Hemisphere was to be our sphere of influence, so as to minimize foreign threats to America, particularly from the south.

Since 1823, the Monroe Doctrine worked pretty well — that is, until the the Cuban revolution of 1959, and the takeover of the country by Fidel Castro, with Russian help. Since 1959, Cuban-Russian subversion increased throughout Latin America, often ineffectively opposed by U.S. foreign policy, often due to pure neglect.

Now Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua have become socialist enemies of America, and their own citizens as well. In addition to Russia’s malign actions, China has jumped in too.

In the past ten years, Latin America has also been invaded by the 4 major political Islamist terror organizations, with virtually no American push-back. As a result, Iran now has over 100,000 physical, narco, and cultural terrorists, supported by its huge base in Venezuela.

Turkey has financed a huge expansion of the Muslim Brotherhood. ISIS and Al Qaeda are expanding in narco terrorism. The Saudi Wahabbis are building mosques to launch cultural terror.

Why have we allowed socialist, communist and Islamist subversion in Latin America? Why are we now allowing it in the USA?

There’s no more time for such governmental neglect!

Time to fight back, protect ourselves, and win! Let’s go!