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Letter from a STW reader: Time to reassess our relationship with China



Dear SaveTheWest:

China’s totalitarian leaders, who have intentionally delayed sharing information of the Wuhan province virus, have unleashed its spread upon the entire planet.

When the Wuhan virus pandemic runs its course, America will regroup, and redouble its efforts to rebuild its economy and social fiber. America will rally and flourish once again, and eventually will get stronger.

Simultaneously, America will have to re-assess its relationship with Communist China.

Here are three suggestions to President Trump and his administration, as they aggressively battle the Chinese virus scourge so valiantly:

(1) Send most Chinese students and scientists back to China. Up until now America has allowed tens of thousands of Chinese students and scientists into our universities, not realizing that great numbers of them are agents of the Chinese government and military.

They have taken advantage of our hospitality by stealing our intellectual property and spying on our scientists’ research and innovations. It is time to send them packing back to China in a rapid manner. We must be sure they don’t smuggle further important material as they depart. The same should be done regarding other infiltrations and influences into our governmental agencies and think tanks.

(2) Break up the supply chains between America and China. We have allowed ourselves to become completely dependent on China for our most basic essential products. Bring back home all production lines like pharmaceuticals, medical devices and related medical products. Repatriate all other essential production lines to make America independent again. By doing so, we will insure a smooth transition back into a stable, robust economy and a strong national security apparatus. This new and improved framework will stand against any future challenges.

(3) China must be held accountable for the catastrophic damage it caused. When this Chinese pandemic is behind us and our lives return to a new normal, our government and private sector must calculate the total cost to our country. That cost should be deducted from the debt we owe China.

Here are some links that support my allegations:

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Respectfully submitted by a patriotic citizen,

Nora C.