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Ken’s Thoughts of the Week: The US withdrawal from Syria is further destabilizing the Middle East



An Iranian military parade, showcasing its offensive missiles

By Ken Abramowitz, founder and president, SaveTheWest.com

President Trump’s decision to withdraw 2,200 American soldiers from Northeast Syria continues to destabilize the Middle East.

Other nations and factions are now busily trying to quickly fill the void. Russia has warned Israel to not attack the Damascus, Syria airport. But overnight, after Iranian-sponsored militants in Syria fired a missile into its Israel, the Jewish state retaliated by blowing up numerous Iranian weapons depots there. Syria is warning Israel of more such missile attacks.

The offensive missile from Syria, and Israel’s firing of an Iron Dome interceptor, was captured on video by a snowboarder in Northern Israel.  See the rest of the story at The Guardian.

On the bright side, over the past year the relations between Israel and Sunni Muslim countries have dramatically warmed, most recently with Chad.

Turkey wants to take over the Kurdish border town of Manbij, but the UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia want to stop Turkey, in conjunction with Syrian soldiers.

Iran continues its efforts to take over neighboring Iraq, in which it is massing 10,000 Iraqi and Afghani Shiite mercenaries in Western portion of the nation, in order to attack American soldiers in Syria, on their way out. Iran may well have been involved in killing 4 Americans in Manbij, Syria last week.

Iran is threatening to attack the 5,000 American soldiers in Iraq, which it thinks will cause President Trump to withdraw them, as well.

Iran is being further emboldened by American discussions of withdrawing 50% of our 14,000 soldiers in Afghanistan.

The US has vowed maximum pressure on Iranian oil exports, but has yet to do so.

Iranian terrorists and operatives continue to pour into Latin America, and now number over 125,000, with almost no response from the U.S.

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani (R) with Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

The US is tired of “endless wars,” but our Iranian and ISIS enemies are quite happy to fund endless wars, as Political Islamists have done for nearly 1,400 years. The Middle East mess continues to boil over.

When will the US make the decision to win?

How about now?

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