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Masters of Deception Excel at Offense – Ken’s Thought of the Week



Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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We assess the dominant dictatorial forces today as Reds (totalitarian China and Russia) and Greens (theocratic Iran, Muslim Brotherhood – Turkey, Qatar, ISIS, al Qaeda). These dictatorial forces control about 50% of the world’s population, as described in The Multifront War. And they are determined to undermine and take control over the other 50% of the population living in democracies.

How do the economically inferior totalitarian and theocratic challengers expect to undermine and take over economically and militarily superior powers? How can they fight democracies at home and abroad?

To answer these questions we will be focusing, for now, on the Reds. The key challenge facing totalitarian forces in undermining democracies is that they are trying to upend the power relationship between the government and the people. In a democracy, “we the people” tell the government what to do through elections, referendums, and polls. In dictatorships, the government tells the people what to do.

So how does an authoritarian government defeat a democracy, without initiating a military attack on its superior military target? They use deception and wisely utilize alternative forms of warfare, such as biological/chemical war, cultural/political war, economic war, demographic war, cyber/space war, legal warfare, and propaganda.

There are numerous ways to undermine a society culturally, particularly if the enemy has long-term strategies and the patience to carry it out over a 25–50 years. This is especially true because democracies generally focus on the short term, as their political leadership changes every four or eight years.

Therefore, deception can be used successfully, as the ancient Greeks discovered to their benefit nearly 3000 years ago, using their ingenious Trojan horse to defeat their militarily superior enemy.

What does a modern-day Trojan horse look like? Here are numerous examples:

1) Undermining the K-12 and University educational systems with socialist/communist/racist/sexist/Islamist false narratives. Bribing college students with government-guaranteed loans that are later forgiven.

2) Re-writing and misrepresenting the history of the people. Inadequately protecting historical statues and monuments.

3) Undermining traditional cultural norms, such as major national holidays and traditions.

4) Undermining religious norms. Indoctrinating the youth with the Democrat Party’s ideology to denigrate the role of G-d, faith, and family. Forbidding Judeo-Christian school prayer, but allowing Muslim prayer. Teaching Marxism/communism and its atheist ideology.

5) Advancing identity/race/gender/LGBTQ politics to undermine social cohesion.

6) Corrupting major political parties and their leaders with foreign bribes or influence.

7) Corrupting and taking-over media, social media, and the film industries.

8) Corrupting the youth with false narratives and instant gratification. Legalizing marijuana in the absence of clinical trials and long term health studies.

9) Funding money-craving civic foundations and NGOs that are tax exempt but illegally engaging in political activities.

10) Allowing foreign governments to offer deceivingly lucrative business opportunities to major political leaders and global corporations, and then blackmailing them.

11) Indoctrinating and funding domestic criminal and ideologically susceptible groups to terrorize and scare the population into submission through violent riots and intimidation. Allowing organizations like Antifa and BLM to pressure corporations for sponsorship.

12) Fueling and imposing political correctness to intimidate the political thoughts of the population. Undermining/ Silencing free thinkers.

13) Undermining the rule of law with “social justice”. Massively growing government power through ‘climate change’ and ‘systemic racism’ hoaxes.

14) Intellectually attacking and mocking all critics. Continuously slandering and framing the ‘good’ forces of the opposition.

15) Financially rewarding conformity. Imposing economic restrictions on all free thinkers. De-platforming notable personalities who pledge allegiance to the Constitution and Bill of Rights,

16) Generating large number of continuous political hoaxes to bombard and confuse the public with a multiplicity of false narratives.

17) Weaponizing the DOJ/FBI/DHS to investigate and attack those loyal to the Constitution, while ignoring those aiming to eliminate it.

18) Engaging in the same unworkable appeasement strategies with strong-minded enemies, and blaming the opposition when these policies fail.

19) Purposely changing election rules and policies just weeks before a major election, thereby creating a guaranteed contested election.

20) Using corrupt international bodies such as the U.N. and its similarly corrupt affiliated organizations to purposely restrict the ability of the U.S. President to successfully confront our enemies, while blaming the opposition for the inevitable failure.

After 170 years of constant intellectual attacks from the Left, using Marxist/Bolshevik/Leninist and Chinese Maoist false narratives, America’s democracy and social cohesion is wobbling. The forces of ‘evil’ are good at being evil, while the forces of ‘good’ are bad a being good. The dictatorial forces are waging a united full-front offense, while the forces of democracy and individual freedom are disjointed and un-unified. Thus the forces of ‘good’ are unable to effectively fight back. What can be done to protect and strengthen our democracy?

The forces of ‘good’ must unite to defeat their ‘evil’ enemies. The forces of ‘good’ must distinguish themselves by emphasizing the falsehoods spread by their enemies, and highlighting policies to protect Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. There is no time to waste! Let’s start now!!

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