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New Radical Administration Canceling American Values – Ken’s Thought of the Week



Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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The radical left-leaning Biden administration is now engaged directly and indirectly in a cultural war against America’s values for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. You can read more about this in The MultiFront War. Here are a few significant examples:

1) LIFE –

  • The Biden administration advocates for abortion instead of adoption at home and abroad. This policy results in more than 600,000 babies being aborted annually in the U.S. alone, 40% of whom are black babies.
  • The Chinese Communist government and the Biden administration want us to believe that Covid did not originate in China which, most likely, intentionally spread it around the world. This policy absolves China from the responsibility of paying reparations for the pandemic’s horrific harm and destruction that was unleashed on the entire world. To date, this virus has killed more than 480,000 Americans and more than 2.4 million people worldwide.
  • The Biden administration aims to impose gun controls over 98% of generally responsible gun owners, leaving them defenseless in the face of growing violence and crime. Unfortunately, gun controls do not affect criminals.
  • The Biden administration restricts our physicians’ practice of preventative healthcare measures to stop them from using prophylaxis medicines (such as hydroxychloroquine), even though doctors have always been allowed to use pharmaceuticals off label to save lives.
  • The Biden administration stopped the southern border wall construction and ICE agents’ activities, thus facilitating the eventual crossing of millions of undocumented aliens. They include drug traffickers, gang members, terrorists, and Covid spreaders who endanger all Americans.
  • The Biden administration wishes to appease Iran by agreeing to another nuclear deal. Such a step could lead to the existential threat of a nuclear attack on the U.S. and its allies.
  • The Biden administration facilitates Antifa and BLM, who are terrorizing citizens into submission. Asserting radical left false narratives and hatred of America, these two terror organizations attack civilians and law-enforcement alike, and destroy public and private property. Yet, the DOJ, FBI, and DHS do virtually nothing about it.


  • The Biden administration aims to abolish our freedom of speech by allowing social media companies to silence those who believe in the Constitution.
  • The Biden administration is implementing racial discrimination by vilifying 65% of the population, which is white, accusing them of white supremacy. Actual white supremacists account for a minuscule number of the white population.
  • The Biden administration has declared a class and race war against our children. They are denying adequate school choice for 85% of the K-12 students, condemning many to failing public schools, mostly in poor, inner-city areas.
  • The Biden administration advances policies intended to indoctrinate our students with false narratives regarding socialism, communism, social justice, critical race theory, and misguided ideas about gender and sex discrimination. Anti-Christian ideas are encouraged, while anti-Semitism is disregarded, and Islamist ideologies are looked upon favorably.
  • The Biden administration is determined to corrupt the political process by changing election rules, approving uncontrolled mail-in ballots with inadequate controls over voter and citizenship IDs.
  • The Biden administration labels thoughts that conform to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as “Hate-Speech“.


  • The Biden administration is promoting lawless sanctuary cities that endanger not only the citizens living there, but all Americans.
  • The Biden administration eliminates millions of jobs in the name of the false narratives of climate change. Its excessive minimum wage hikes stifle private businesses to increase the number of citizens dependent on government hand-outs, thus increasing its control over them.
  • The Biden administration uses Covid as an excuse to close schools despite the minimal risk to the students and teachers.
  • The Biden administration uses the Covid excuse to shut down private businesses, without providing adequate compensation.
  • The Biden administration advances discrimination against women by allowing transgender women (biological men who claim to be women) to unfairly compete in women’s sports.

How long will ordinary Americans tolerate the Biden administration’s depraved policies to obliterate our unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness? In the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: “HOW LONG? NOT LONG!”

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