Title: About Ken Abramowitz

Kenneth Abramowitz is a noted biotech industry analyst and venture fund executive, who became a committed defender of Western civilization after 9/11.

On a professional level, Ken serves as the Managing Partner of NGN Capital, a New York City-based healthcare venture capital fund, with ($x) under management. He joined NGN from The Carlyle Group, where he was Managing Director from 2001-2003, focused on U.S. healthcare buyouts. Ken was voted the Number 1 analyst in Medical Devices and/or Services for 15 years by Institutional Investor magazine, which also added him to the “Wall Street Analyst Hall of Fame” in 2009, with a rank of 15 out of 20,000 analysts. He earned a B.A. in Chemistry from Columbia University in 1972, and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1976.

In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Ken became determined to apply his analytical skills to identifying the key threats facing America, from within and beyond, and engage in activism to help ensure we wouldn’t be caught by surprise again.  His research and observations led to one stark conclusion: although we were inundated with information about Al Qaeda, the broader question of what drives radical Islam, and the other anti-Western ideologies with which its adherents often find succor, was left out of our national discussion.

In 2013, Ken began delivering a speech, entitled “How To Save Western Civilization From Itself!,” based on this essay, to help fill the gaps in analysis between elected politicians, the academic community, business leaders, and news organizations. Watch a video of him delivering the speech is here.

In 2013, Ken purchased the Internet domain SaveTheWest.com, with the intent of creating a website that would be dedicated to raising public awareness of:

  • statue-of-liberty1The foundational underpinnings of Western civilization (“the West”)
  • The identities of our enemies, and their strategies, tactics and objectives
  • Common-sense solutions that will enable the West to survive, and ultimately, thrive
  • How freedom-loving people in Western nations can help to save our culture

Ken enlisted Jon Sutz, a freedom-oriented multimedia designer, writer, creative consultant and activist, to design the SaveTheWest wesbite, and act as its consulting editor and videographer, a role which he held until September 2020 (archive here).

From 2014 through the present day, Ken has:

  • Written a weekly “Thought Of The Week” article for SaveTheWest (archive here)
  • Delivered many live speeches (archive here)
  • Written numerous editorials for other publications, including the Times of Israel, the Algemeiner, and letters to the editor (archive here)

Ken also serves as the Chairman of Citizens for National Security, and serves on the boards of Friends of Likud, ZOA, CAMERA, Americans for a Safe Israel, The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP), and Bible Lands Museum. He is also active in 25 pro-Israel/America/Western civilization organizations.

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