Op-Ed: With the Rise to Power of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Thousands of...

On August 15, 2021, my country was confronted with a disaster that it could never have imagined. The Taliban had regained control of our country and our lives.

Op-Ed: Afghanistan’s Taliban Declare War on the Individual

"When I wake up in the morning; I see two different worlds: the world of yesterday and the world of today; the world of light and the world of darkness, the world of the Taliban."

Remembering MLK’s Vision of a Color Blind Society – Ken’s Thought of the Week

Dr. King preached tolerance and brotherhood at a time when racist hate prevailed. He was a champion of peaceful protests and a country free of racial division and hatred.

Op-Ed: Human Rights Abuses are Rampant in Iran

Over the last four decades, Iran's regime has been busy capturing, killing, torturing, and executing people without any care for human rights or the international community.

Op-Ed: Human Rights Abuses in Turkey Are Unmasked

Human rights violations in Turkey have been steadily deteriorating under Erdogan’s growing authoritarianism and rigid attachment to Islamist/nationalist/populist policies.

Op-Ed: An Israeli perspective on the Illegal Marxist Takeover of Portland

Antifa is still alive and well in the city. I recently visited Portland to examine, on behalf of Save the West, how Antifa has influenced Portland residents' view on the State of Israel.

National Security Challenges Abound in 2022 – Ken’s Thought of the Week

President Biden's weakness has put our nation at great risk. How can we prevent the catastrophe ahead when he refuses to acknowledge that the threat is even there?

Op-Ed: America’s Ignorance Stands Behind Biden’s Poor Policies

Too many Americans did not know key facts about their own country or about the rest of the world. The ignorance of most Americans causes American presidents to make horrific foreign policy decisions.

Op-Ed: How is the State of Israel Covered in the Capital City of Antifa?

Rose City Antifa, in Portland, Oregon, revels in their violence against anyone they deem 'right wing'. Are they also anti-Semitic?

Remembering Pearl Harbor, But Not the Lessons – Ken’s Thought of the Week

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor prompted the U.S. participation in World War II. Could America have been better prepared and saved the lives of millions of people?