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Noted Saudi cleric: “Mickey Mouse must die!!!”


From the Telegraph (UK):

mickey-mouse-15Sheikh Muhammad Munajid claimed the mouse is “one of Satan’s soldiers” and makes everything it touches impure.

But he warned that depictions of the creature in cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, and Disney’s Mickey Mouse, had taught children that it was in fact loveable.

The cleric, a former diplomat at the Saudi embassy in Washington DC, said that under Sharia, both household mice and their cartoon counterparts must be killed.

Mr Munajid was asked to give Islam’s teaching on mice during a religious affairs programme broadcast on al-Majd TV, an Arab television network.

According to a translation prepared by the Middle East Media Research Institute, an American press monitoring service, he said: “The mouse is one of Satan’s soldiers and is steered by him.”

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Also, isn’t it a comfort to know that Saudi Arabia is also one of the nations on the UN’s “Human Rights Commission,” and will soon be rendering moral judgment on Israel in regards to its actions in Operation Protective Edge?